Grab Driver Reportedly Calls Police On Passenger Who Rest Her Head Against Husband’s Shoulders

Behaving inappropriately in a private hire vehicle or a taxi is a no-no. I guess if it was your own personal car, what you choose to do in it is your own business.

But the thing is, “behaving inappropriately” means different things for different people.

For some, it’s when you see couples engaging in an excessive public display of affection (PDA) like mouth to mouth resuscitation aka french kissing.

For others it’s when you see couples rest their head on their partner’s shoulders.

Image: Giphy

Grab Driver Reportedly Calls Police On Passenger Who Rest Her Head Against Husband’s Shoulders

A Facebook user by the name of Kohji Tan took to the social media site to share his unpleasant Grab ride.

Let me break down the ordeal he allegedly went through. Toh explained that he and his wife had booked a grab to travel to an appointment they had at 5.30pm.

Image: Facebook (Kohji Tan)

Once they had boarded the car, the driver made various requests, one of which included wearing their seat belts.

They obliged. This is when it takes a turn for the worse.

Toh’s wife was having a headache, so she decided to rest her head on Toh’s shoulder and hugged his arm before falling asleep.

However, the Grab driver was not having it, and told them that they were being too intimate and that their actions were against the law.

She also said that she could call the police. That escalated quickly.

Toh was livid and did not agree with a word she was saying.

“WTF?! So I told her this is my wife and we are legally married so what wrong for her to hug my arm and sleep on my shoulder?… So I told her to go ahead as we did nothing wrong and she make me us felt really insulted!”

Grab Driver Called The Police

She wasn’t kidding. The Grab Driver really did call the police and took it a step further by driving them to the police station.

Plot twist though, she got lost halfway.

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Source: Giphy

A wild police car then appeared and they followed it to the police station.

Image: Facebook (Koji Tan)

The police later said that Toh and his wife did not do anything wrong but by that time, the damage had already been done and they had already missed their appointment.

Grab is currently investigating the incident.

You can see the full post here:


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