Grab Driver Only Eats Late At Night After Finishing All Deliveries; Netizens Touched

Respect is given in many ways. To your university professor, to your parents, to the 15-year-old heroine whose quick thinking saved a road accident victim’s life.

How about giving it to a GrabFood delivery rider?

That’s right, a GrabFood delivery rider. These guys in green toil under the sun and rain carrying their lumpy shells around so we could have our ordered food on time.

All hail the GrabFood riders! (You have my salute, bros and sisters)

GrabFood Rider Has His Day’s Last Meal After Deliveries

In this case, not only do we have a guy who does his job well, but he also prays to God to protect his fellow riders and is grateful for having his last meal of the day after all deliveries are done.

How super is that?

Image: Facebook (Rilek1Corner)

If your heartstrings are not tugged, mine are. He typed:

“When all food orders were delivered and customers already sleeping tight, I will sit beside my buddy and eat… while in my heart never miss to thank God to protect us riders while working… able to eat after work and meet our loved ones again. Alhamdulilah.”

In his original post, Rilek1Corner, who shared a Facebook post regarding the Grab rider, also said this:

Image: Facebook (Rilek1Corner)

Now, it is not easy to accord your respect to a person, other than your parents and those you naturally would respect such as your university professor.

This is one guy who gives respect to a total stranger; having his last meal only after he has made sure all his fellow clients have had their stomachs filled.

Netizens Touched 

The responses came. Quick and appreciative.

Image: Facebook (Rilek1Corner)
Image: Facebook (Rilek1Corner)

And one with T&C.

Image: Facebook (Rilek1Corner)

This last comment grabs my attention. While the commenter has their heart on respect and love, I do not feel it is right to not look down on another only IF he is earning an honest living.

It’s like putting a condition on love, isn’t it?

That thought aside, I am glad I came across this post of the selfless Grabfood rider.

May our deepest respect and love be with them, always.

After all, they are our own brothers and sisters braving the rain and shine to bring our makan to us.

On a closing note, here is another story of an inspiring GrabFood delivery rider.


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