Grab Partnered With MasterCard To Come Up With Numberless GrabPay Card; First In Asia

I’m a bit of a dunce and often misplace smaller things in my bag.

Wallets, identification cards and pretty much anything else you can name.

I also clearly remember the first time I lost my ATM card.

Image: Zee Business

In a fit of panic, I cancelled my card straight away.

I probably should’ve looked a little harder first but the thought of someone copying my card number and making terrible purchases scared me.

Only to find it days after replacing it.

However, GrabPay and Mastercard fully understand this fear and aim to change that.

Numberless Card

This is definitely on my priority list to get.

Grab announced the launch of GrabPay card in partnership with MasterCard earlier yesterday on 5 December.

The physical card is also the first numberless card in Asia!

Image: Grab SG

As if an answer to my prayers, this card will ease so many security concerns such as stolen financial and personal information.

God bless.

Card numbers and other information can be viewed by GrabWallet users on their Grab app as shown below.

Image: Grab SG

For people like me who had second thoughts about going cashless, maybe now is the time to believe.

Or in my case, make my already light wallet even lighter.

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More Benefits Of GrabPay Card

The security reasons are just the tip of the iceberg.

One of the reasons you should love if you’re a travelling person.

Image: Iconic Santorini

The GrabPay card offers a foreign exchange fee of only two per cent.

This might seem like a small looking sum but one that is actually very generous compared to other cards.

Credit cards like HSBC Revolution and Maybank Platinum offer 2.8 and 2.5 per cent and others like the Citi Bank Back Card offer three per cent.

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GrabPay’s is extremely good by comparison.

Image: We Heart It

Users are also entitled to flight delay passes and can access over 1,000 airport lounges across 100 countries if they face delays for over two hours.


Neat but you probably still wouldn’t want your flight delayed.

And of course, money spent from the GrabPay card can be earned as those sweet Grab Reward Points we love so much.

Image: Grab SG

As part of a limited launch promotion period, GrabPay Card will reward users with up to 10x GrabRewards points per every dollar spent, redeemable all over Southeast Asia.

That’s literally legal daylight robbery.

Samsung users are even luckier and can add their digital GrabPay Card to their Samsung Pay wallet and make offline payments as well.


There’s almost no reason to not get it so why wait?

Image: Giphy

All of these benefits and almost no drawbacks basically assures me a sign up immediately.

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