Latest Grab Update Uses Popular Dad Joke to Convince People to Update Their App


When it comes to app notifications, nobody likes to read the same old boring unimportant message.

It was even more disappointing when you wake up to a notification, expecting it to be messages from your friends… only to see a notification to update your app.

Image: Safely Endangered

I just remembered that I wouldn’t be waking up from messages from friends anyway since I have no friends.

But at least I have Grab.

No, that isn’t a nickname for a friend Grabriel who have one of those weird names like Gavynne or Vyolette. It’s that app we all know that we use to buy food and call transport.

The app that entertains me with random facts like how smartphones today are 13 times more powerful than a 1997 IBM computer.

Or that mosquitoes are drawn to smelly feet.

Wait… does this mean that I have smelly feet?

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And Now, A Dad Joke (Probably Because Of Father’s Day)

And in the latest notification, it even sends me a dad joke.

Thanks, Grab. For reminding me that not only do I have no friends, I have no dad too. *cries*

That’s right. In a world too busy to stop and notice the little things people do, the efforts of people often go unnoticed and stay unappreciated.

Sometimes what you do is going to seem futile and it might seem like nobody sees you.

But we see you, Grab employee who writes these random things.

Image: Giphy

And it makes our boring day just a little better.

Grab employee, who probably isn’t reading this or replying: Thanks, but how about you just update your damn app so I’m actually doing my job.

That? Oh, right. Of course. Grab isn’t our daily fact app.

Wait, isn’t version history a place where we find what updates are made to the app? Is it alright that it is now filled with random facts and jokes instead?

I guess it’s better than seeing “v5.85: Basically no change”.


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