GrabFood Customer ‘Threatens’ for Free Coffee from Rider; Got Banned by GrabFood Instead

Every once in awhile, there are always those that make you go: “This is why we can’t have nice things” or “Why are there such people in the world?”

More often than not, those people are Karens.

What’s a Karen? According to Wikipedia (yes, Wiki has a page for it), they are entitled people who use their privilege to demand their own way at the expense of others (usually employees).

Image: Tumblr

No discrimination here – there are both male and female Karens of any race.

Right here today, we shall see an example of a Singaporean Karen.

Question of the Day: What’s a suitable name for a Singaporean version of a “Karen”?

“Karen” Demands Free Coffee From GrabFood Rider

Once upon a time, a Karen placed a GrabFood order… for a single 500ml bottle of Pokka Coffee from FairPrice that cost $2.40.

Of course, with Grab’s rules in place, her order ends up being $20.20, mainly due to a surcharge for the small order.

Image: Facebook (Allen Tan)

As Karens go, despite it being her own fault, she probably thought “There’s no way I’m paying $20 for a single bottle of coffee!”

And cue the power of Pattern More Than Badminton.

Image: Facebook (Allen Tan)

“can you make the coffee free?”

“me n my husband need money for work”

“n my grandma n daughter dun hv money to pay sorry”

“from mother (her name)”

Ah yes, now that I know your name and that you are a mother, of course, your coffee will be free.

Karen Cancels Order & Refuses To Pay

Image: Facebook (Allen Tan)

Of course, as soon as he doesn’t want to make it free, she just replies with “cancel“.

But the order has already been picked up by the rider. So what now?

Image: Facebook (Allen Tan)

More patterns from the Karen, of course.

“my family in argument now pls”

Ah, I wonder why.

“make it free warning you then won’t be hv trouble”

Image: Facebook (Allen Tan)

And when the rider simply refuses to budge, she then proceeded to cancel the order and refused to pay.

Grab Reimbursed Rider & Banned Karen

After submitting a report to Grab, the rider also posted this Karen Tale on Facebook, which you can enjoy here.

Karma is truly swift and just, as Grab proceeded to fully reimburse the rider for the amount and banned Karen from the app (hopefully forever).

Image: Facebook (Allen Tan)

So, kids, what is the lesson here?

Yes, don’t be a Karen.