Wholesome TikTok Video of GrabFood Delivery Rider Jumping on a Trampoline Gets Over 1M Views

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What depressing news have you read today?

Maybe the fact that climate change is trampling marine biodiversity? That COVID-19 is trampling India with 100,000 new cases in a day? Or that a tropical cyclone is trampling parts of Indonesia and Timor Leste?

Well, here’s some wholesome news for a change to stop the trampling of your spirits. Instead of trampling, this is about a trampoline.

The story began when Sharil Berlandier, a rider for GrabFood, delivered an order to a customer who resided in a landed property. 

After receiving a tip, Mr Berlandier noticed the trampoline on property grounds, and adventurously asked if he could “bounce on the trampoline for a while”, according to Mothership.

While initially shocked by the request, the homeowner agreed after Mr Berlandier clarified it was just “for fun”. 

He was evidently overjoyed, letting out small giggles as he approached the trampoline, and more as he eagerly started bouncing in full delivery gear. 

The whole encounter was captured by his helmet camera, so the audience could experience the same childlike joy from a first person perspective.

In an interview with CNA, Mr Berlandier described the encounter as a “great” experience, especially in our tiny island where “normally…we don’t ask for things [that are unusual]”. This was heartwarming evidence that “not everyone is negative and [unfriendly].”

Even in his elation, Mr Berlandier was courteous, thanking the homeowner before leaving and wondering if he should bounce without his shoes.

He uploaded the video to TikTok (@sharil.b), where it shot to popularity straightaway with one million views and more than 260,000 likes. You can watch the wholesome video below:


got tips AND played the trampoline awhile HAHA

♬ original sound – sharil berlandier – sharil berlandier

You can also check out Mr Berlandier’s Instagram page (@sharil_berlandier) and YouTube channel (Sharil B)!

Wholesomeness Aplenty

This is not the only touching encounter with a food delivery rider in these difficult times. 

On March 28 last year at the height of the pandemic, GrabFood rider Syed Shafiq received a large order for 10 cups of bubble tea, to be picked up and sent to a certain Andy Yeo. 

When he attempted to deliver the order, however, he received an unexpected message from Mr Yeo, explaining the order was a gift for him and other riders waiting outside Rivervale Mall.


Apparently, Mr Yeo was a delivery rider himself, which made empathising with the challenges of food delivery easier.

Mr Shafiq explained how he felt in an interview with Mothership:

“I was extremely touched. Delivery fare from point to point is not that much, sometimes the distance is quite far. It’s just that on a hot sunny day, and with all the virus issue going around, someone being nice touched me.”

You can find his Facebook post below:

SethLui.com also documented an encounter of kindness by a Muslim food delivery rider, who couldn’t break fast on time during Ramadan with the hustle of work. 

Are you angry at someone now, and can’t get him or her out of your mind? Well, watch this video and you’ll know what to do next:

Understandably, the rider was famished and parched, which made it all the more touching that a customer offered them a bag of dates and a bottle of water. The customer even chilled the water.

Guess kindness is really out there.

Feature Image: YouTube (Sharil B)

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