GrabFood Man Who Stole Shoes While Delivering Food Has Been Arrested

Image: Reddit user u/boysachok


Nowadays, it seems like Grab is always coming up with new services. GrabCar, GrabFood, GrabPet, GrabWheels.

And more recently, an executive at Grab is probably sweating a little for his pitch for “GrabShoes” (shoe rentals are actually a thing), since this incident involves a GrabFood Rider and shoes.

I’m not talking about one where the rider delivered shoes, but that he grabbed shoes that didn’t belong to himself.

Grab Rider delivered food, then took shoes

The original source of the video, uploaded on 20 June, can be found here. There’s also a re-upload on Reddit, just in case.

At first, it looked like the rider was checking and planning his next trip for delivery.

Image: Reddit user u/boysachok

Then going on his bike, ready for move out…

Image: Reddit user u/boysachok

Except he started suspiciously looking around, though failing to notice the CCTV camera recording this.

Image: Reddit user u/boysachok

And then proceeding with the GrabShoe plan.

Image: Reddit user u/boysachok

To end off his plans, put the shoes into the Grab food insulator bag before riding off.

Image: Reddit user u/boysachok

As of now, the video has been shared 3.4k times, not counting the various re-uploads.

Netizens angry that he placed shoes into a food bag

People were not only angry that he stole shoes, and additionally pointed out the unhygienic way he stole it.

So, if you happen to food with somewhat of a weird smell, you might know why now.

Image: Singapore Share-Share Facebook

Arrested on the Next Day

Apparently, GrabFood might lead to a happy man who’s going to put on some weight, but GrabShoes will lead to an arrest.

It turns out that on the next day, the man was arrested after the police combed through police cameras and CCTVs.

Guess you can say that those cameras you see in your HDB blocks are useful after all.

The incident had taken place in Keat Hong Close at Choa Chu Kang.

In addition, the rider has been suspended by Grab. They said, “We are working closely with the authorities on this matter and have suspended the delivery partner’s account.”

For his GrabShoes act, the man could face up to three years’ jail and a fine.


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