Delivery Rider Told To ‘Hurry Up’ On Rainy Day But He Responded With Style & Grace


Food delivery riders have been working extra hard ever since the start of Circuit Breaker, where everyone was stuck at home and had to opt for delivery for most of their meals.

Although we have already moved forward to Phase 2, there are still a large number of people who are working from home and prefer to just order their meals in, instead of going out.

You know what this means.

Great business for delivery riders.

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However, their jobs are not exactly that easy either.

They have to deal with late orders, unhappy customers and let’s not forget – they have to go out and work despite how crazy the weather might be.

Customer Asked Rider To Hurry Up With His Food

One delivery rider recently took to Facebook to share an encounter that he had with a very rude customer.

The customer was upset that his food had been delayed, and he was spam-texting the delivery rider and asking him to hurry up on a rainy day.

He had ordered a burger meal at 1pm, and he was frustrated that he had not gotten his food yet.

The first message was sent around 2pm, and he sent three more text messages at 2.28pm.

Image: Facebook (داني أرجونا)

Although it is understandable that customers might get angry if their food does not arrive in time, it is still not okay for them to be rude to delivery riders as more often than not, the delay is actually not their fault.

Delivery riders have to wait for the restaurant to prepare and pack the orders, and this could take even longer during peak hours.

Instead of getting angry at the rude customer, the delivery rider decided to respond to him with style and grace.

Image: Facebook (داني أرجونا)

He explained that he had been waiting for the order for more than 30 minutes, and also advised him to feedback to the vendor on their slow service if he was unhappy about it.

He even told the customer that he would try his best to speed things up for him, but made it clear that he would not put his own life at risk by rushing on the slippery roads.

Customers Are Encouraged To Send Feedback To Vendors

In his Facebook post caption, the delivery rider re-emphasised that customers should file a complaint to the vendor if they were unhappy with a delay in their food.

Image: Facebook (داني أرجونا)

“If you are a customer, bloody hell don’t talk to riders like this. Do you think we want to wait for so Long at a vendor for an order? Plus it’s been raining from morning till now. If you think you are unhappy with the services, what are customers service for eh?” he wrote.

“File a complain and not by talking to us like this. Our job is to deliver food. We receive job we accept we wait we take and we deliver. So if it’s long or not it’s not the rider’s fault. It’s the vendor that you guys should be mad at and not us.”

He also added that they should never ask the rider to rush or hurry up on a rainy day, as it is already dangerous enough to be riding on the roads in such weather.

The post, which was published 2 days ago, has already garnered over 400 shares.

According to MS News, it seems that the delivery rider was delivering for GrabFood, but I’m sure that almost all riders across the different delivery platforms have dealt with at least one customer like this before.


Their jobs are definitely not easy, so let’s not make it worse for them by being horrible customers.

Instead, a simple thank you and a smile could really go a long way to make their day.

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