GrabFood Rider Got Stuck in Lift With His Bicycle & Had to be Rescued By His Customer

Not many people are aware of the dangers involved in being a food delivery rider.

Sure, it seems like they’re just gleefully riding around on their two-wheelers making deliveries all over Singapore, but just like Batman and Superman, food delivery riders have a villain to contend with.

This villain isn’t quite like the kind you see in comic books or movies. A cursory glance at this villain wouldn’t alarm anyone.

But beneath its innocent facade lies a dark, twisted sociopath, one determined to hinder all food deliveries in its area.

Yes, I’m talking about… lifts.

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GrabFood Rider Got Stuck in Lift With His Bicycle 

A GrabFood rider had to be rescued by a customer after he was pinned to the corner of a lift by his own bicycle.

A video of the hilarious incident was uploaded to Twitter, where it went viral, garnering over 3.3k retweets.

At the start of the video, the rider can be seen stuck in a lift, pinned to the lift wall by his bicycle.

It’s unclear how the rider ended up in this position, and whether his bicycle had a personal vendetta against him.

At any rate, the rider was stuck and needed some help.

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Customer Comes To The Rescue

Fortunately, a man, supposedly his customer, see the GrabFood rider in this strange and somewhat vulnerable position in the lift and decides to help him.

After having a good hearty laugh, that is.

Before freeing him from his own bicycle, the amused customer laughs for about 17 seconds and whips out his phone to snap a few photos.

The GrabFood rider cordially points a middle finger at the customer in response.

Image: Twitter

The customer eventually steps into the lift and frees the GrabFood rider, who stretched his legs a few times, presumably because it was uncomfortable to be in that position for so long.

Still, the whole world or at least a few bored people in Singapore are wondering: how the hell did he get stuck like that?

Rider Explains What Happened

Since everyone was so curious as to what happened, the rider tweeted an explanation in response to the original post.

According to the rider, his delivery bag was jutting out of the lift, so it couldn’t close. He tried scooting a little to the left but still couldn’t fit inside the lift, so he bent down, but then he realised he couldn’t get back up because his bike was in the way.

This should serve as a cautionary tale to all food delivery riders: if you’re trying to fit a huge-ass bicycle into a tiny lift, along with your huge-ass delivery bag, you might end up getting stuck there for eternity.

Always be wary of lifts, my dear rider. They’re out to get you.

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