Everything About the Grand Hyatt Singapore Meeting That Infected Foreigners Who Had Gone Back to Their Countries

As of today (6 February 2020), Singapore is the third country with the highest number of Wuhan virus infections, just behind Japan and China.

In fact, we were once second with 28 confirmed cases, if not for a cluster of outbreak in a Japan cruise ship that infected 20 people at one go.

And now, it turns out that some people who’ve been in Singapore have carried the virus back to their home country.

Yes, we’re talking about the Grand Hyatt Singapore incident.

So, what happened?

Private Business Meeting in Grand Hyatt Singapore from 20 to 22 January

Back on 20 January 2020, it was announced that human-to-human transmission of the Wuhan virus was possible.

By then, a private business meeting held by an unnamed company has started in Grand Hyatt Singapore, a high-SES hotel at Scotts Road (Orchard).

Between 20 January to 22 January, 109 people attended the meeting. 94 of them were foreigners.

It’s unknown what countries they had come from.

Of course, back then, nothing happened: the 94 foreigners went back to their respective countries, and everything seemed fine.

Until yesterday, that is.

When it was revealed that several people who had attended the meeting had fallen ill and diagnosed to carry the Wuhan virus.

3 People in the Meeting Tested Positive for Wuhan Virus

It all started on Tuesday, when Malaysia announced that a Malaysian had been diagnosed with the Wuhan virus.

It turns out that this person has been in the meeting in Grand Hyatt Singapore.

But he could’ve got it from somewhere else, no?

Maybe not.

Because two South Koreans, who were a conference in Grand Hyatt Singapore as well, were also tested positive for the virus after they were back in Korea.

With this new information, MOH immediately went on overdrive to inform overseas health authorities about this new “cluster”.

15 Singapore residents were also in the meeting. 4 of them have reported symptoms and had been referred to the NCID. The other 11 participants did not feel unwell.

Now, do note that it has been about 15 days since the meeting.

But Grand Hyatt Singapore isn’t taking any chance.

Deep Cleaning Implementing in the Hotel

After MOH informed the hotel about the situation, the 5-star hotel immediately initiated deep cleaning measures. They also added, “At this time, we are not aware of any other confirmed or suspected cases among our hotel guests or colleagues.”


Now, while we’re not certain if this is going to be yet another cluster, we’re certain of one thing: when it comes to fighting this nasty bug, countries will work together seamlessly even if we often argued on who had the better nasi lemak.

This is a good example.

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