Groom Paid $16 For Each of the 200 Wedding Guests He Invited


Well, what happens when you are about to marry the man of your dreams and you realise that he isn’t who he said he is?

Worse, his ‘parents’ whom you might have met on several occasions could have been paid actors. 


During a large-scale wedding banquet in China, Xi’an, this was exactly what happened. A Chinese woman, Liu’s, big day didn’t exactly go as she had planned when she realised that the man of her dreams, Wang, had hired over 200 wedding guests by paying them S$16 each. 

All these happened when a local TV reporter interviewed the guests at the wedding and the guests admitted that they did not even know Wang at all, and that they were paid 80 yuan for turning up.

This left the Liu dumbfounded as she couldn’t believe that the guests who turned up at her large-scaled wedding were a sham. More importantly, she soon realised that she didn’t know the guy whom she was marrying. At all.


The hiring process for wedding attendees was spread through both WeChat and word of mouth.

One pedicab driver told reporters that after he heard about the offer of free food and 80 RMB (about SGD$16) for attending the banquet, he gathered up five people from his village and headed to town. Many students too, took this as an opportunity to earn a quick buck. 

Not bad leh. I mean, if someone told me that I would both be paid AND get banquet-class food to attend a wedding, I would too. I mean, aren’t weddings supposed to be awkward already? Plus, now, you’re even paid to withstand the awkwardness and not have to give the bride or groom any angbao. 


Liu first noticed that something was wrong then the groom kept delaying the arrival of his parents. Wang kept checking his phone and telling her that they were on their way but eventually, he had to admit to his lie when the Liu’s parents called the police to take him away on the the suspicion of fraud.

Moral of the story? Always do a background check on who you are dating before you say yes. Thank God we have social media tools like Facebook and Instagram here in Singapore which you can use to stalk his whole family and entire life story before agreeing to even be together with him. 

I mean, it worked for me anyway. And, you’re welcome. 

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