Group of 5 Likely to Stay for ‘Months’ Even As More Places Reopen


You’re happy that you can finally meet your friend but you’ve got a nickname in school: the walking Facebook.

Every single group of friends you’re a part of has more than enough people to contest in three GRCs.

Will all of you ever be able to meet all together in one huge gathering anytime soon? Or play a 5v5 basketball match?

The answer, as you’ve probably read from the headline, is no.

Group of 5 Likely to Stay for ‘Months’ Even As More Places Reopen

On 2 July, Lawrence Wong, the face of Singapore’s battle against Covid-19, said that the maximum number of people who can gather together is 5 or fewer, will be here for quite some time.

And before you get your hopes up because so many more activities are opening up in Singapore


He has made it clear that groups of five or lesser will remain for “months”.

When asked if the task force has any timeline in mind, Mr Wong says they don’t because it’s still too early to tell yet.

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Restrictions Might Slam Back At Any Time

As restrictions are eased further, you can expect to see the number of community cases increase.

While a stable increase is still acceptable, the task force warns that if these two scenarios happen:

  • Case numbers spike
  • Large clusters form

Tighter measures will kick in.

Let me do a translation for you: #CBversion2 or back to Phase one.

Health Minister Gan Kim Yong also says that Singapore hasn’t seen the full effect of the opening up so far, and the next few weeks might see an increase in the number of cases.

The task force says that right now, they’re still in the “monitoring” stage and the time will come when they announce further relaxation, but “it’s still too early to discuss” right now.

In other words, don’t do what this badminton lover did and let us all stay safe and sound so we don’t get arrested for going out to eat bak kut teh:

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