If You Are a Gudetama Fan, You Must Check Out These Locations in Asia At Least Once in Your Life

It’s impossible for anyone not to know about this lazy egg. Gudetama, a cartoon character born from Japan’s Sanrio corporation, is taking the world by storm with its resignation to its fate as an egg in all forms of collateral.

Featured in many cooked ways including boiled, fried sunny side up, poached or even just raw, this lazy character resonates with many of us especially on a Monday.

And because of its explosion into worldwide fame, Gudetama themed cafes and shops can be found all over planet Earth. Here are some really interesting Gudetama themed places to check out and tick off your fan list.

1. Cafe Costa Mesa X Gudetama, Osaka

Photo https://s.yimg.com
Photo: https://sg.style.yahoo.com
Photo: https://sg.style.yahoo.com

Since the character stems from Japan, there must be establishments that cater to it and this is one of them. While the whole feel and decoration of the cafe is very much cutesy and full of Gudetama items and prints, the food is nothing special. It is, still, a place you must patronize at least once in your lifetime.

2.Gudetama cafe @ HEP Five, Osaka


Another cafe dedicated to the lazy egg in Osaka, this one is apparently a permanent brunch, unlike many others that are just around for a while.

Expect a very cute and welcoming entrance, lots of Gudetama plushies within and super adorable food items that are instagram-worthy but perhaps not so much taste wise.


Prices are pretty reasonable since you will probably be there to immerse in the kawaii-ness of the cafe’s mascot more than anything else, but it seems you have to steer clear of the onigiri that one blogger mentioned is tasteless.

Other than that, feel free to snap away and soak in all the laziness before you go.  And remember to buy some of the merchandise from the cafe as it seems cheaper than the ones outside. Go crazy!

3.Dim Sum Icon, Hong Kong


The very first Gudetama dim sum restaurant in the world, this place serves up a whole lot of lazy egg dim sum delights to whet your appetite.

Located within The One at Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon, you can expect to see Gudetama posters all over the eatery and all over the food items. There are a total of 25 menu items to choose from and of course, NOBODY orders the normal dim sums. Everyone goes gaga over the Gudetama ones.

Photo: http://www.modgam.com/

This is where you can play with your food, literally. Remember the custard bun designed like Gudetama that ‘vomits’ custard when you press the sides? This is where you can find it. There is also the rather disgusting version that poops chocolate custard from its rear.

4.YATA Gudetama Cafe by Izumi Curry, Hong Kong

Photo: http://www.nextstophongkong.com/
Photo: http://www.sundaykiss.com/

If there’s another Gudetama place you need to visit and you happen to be in Hong Kong or going there, you have to go to the Gudetama Cafe by Izumi Curry.

Located at The One Shopping Mall, the queue isn’t as crazy as Dim Sum Icon but you can still expect the lazy egg fanfare from the entrance all the way into the cafe. Everything is printed with the cute egg in all his majestic laziness and it is definitely a Gudetama fan’s dream.

Photo: http://www.weekendhk.com/

The food is average at best and expectedly for such themed cafes, rather expensive. However, if you are a major fan, this will not deter you.

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5. Gudetama themed food at Sanrio Puroland food court


If you love Gudetama and other Sanrio characters, this is your mecca. Although you will not be submerged in a world of pure Gudetama bliss, you will be guaranteed an immersion into the world of Sanrio.

While the range of Gudetama menu items may not be very large, perhaps just a few dishes here and there, you can still be entranced by the lazy egg mascot appearing randomly around the park and various of its merchandise for purchase!

6. Look out for temporary Gudetama-themed events and set-ups in Japan all year round!

Photo: http://www.timeout.com/
Photo: http://www.timeout.com/

Many of the Gudetama-themed cafes, shops and exhibitions are only around for a month or less. One of them was the Gudetama Airlines that took place from 2 May to 8 May 2016.

Photo: http://www.timeout.com/
Photo: http://www.timeout.com/

Designed to look like an airport, customers can walk through baggage collection and ticket counters to check out all the Gudetama goods on sale. There was also Gudetama-themed food and snacks to eat and of course, take pictures of.

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