Gudetama fans, you’ll die happy after taking this Gudetama airline

Gude Gude-tama, Gude Gude-tama, Gude, Gude, Gudetama…if you are familiar with this song and sings it to others just to irritate them, you will surely be buying a ticket to Japan by this week.

Until the end of this week (May 8), there is a Gudetama exhibition in Tokyo. Located at the Ikebukuro’s Sunshine City, the “Gudetama’s gude-gude tour” sets out to enchant all visitors.

The theme is interesting. It is made into a Gudetama flight and staff are all dressed like flight attendants. At the door, you can purchase a ticket to go on-board the Gudetama Airline–the entrance to Gudetama land.

gudetama 1

A ticket cost ¥1000 for adults and ¥600 for children. After a ticket is bought, the flight attendants will lead you through “the gate” where there is a hallway plastered full of Gudetama pictures in various forms.

gudetama 2

Thereafter, there is a fake food gallery when you will see Gudetama featured in all kinds of food. All the food on display resemble in-flight meals and are done so to represent the flight itself.

gudetama 3

After having the in-flight meals, you will be ushered into the next area where it is the baggage claim area which is decorated with Gudetama plush.

gudetama 4

After this, you would have reached Gude Land which is the main activity centre. The activities are truly amusing, with booths where Gudetama will predict your future with a press of the button to photo spots where you can take pictures with a life-size Gudetama. The most interesting photo opportunity has to be the larger-than-life Gudetama butt that is stuck to a supposedly soft wall.

gudetama 5

There are also kid-friendly colouring stations, typical Japanese festival games such as target practise and ball-scooping as well as a room when the children can learn the “Gudetama dance” as shown in the cartoons. Look out for the hand drawn illustrations that are scattered around the area – they are found in really random places!


After playing with Gudetama and learning all his lazy habits, head to the Guderiba–the Gudetama rest area where you will find a crazy land full of sweet and savoury delicacies.

gudetama 6

Try eating Gudetama with the TKG rice bowl (¥750) or the Tsukimi Udon (¥800), both of which features fluorescent orange Gudetama yolk. The eggs here are done specifically for the event by feeding marigold flowers and coconut oil to egg laying hens to harvest such beautiful eggs.

If you have room for desserts after this, try the Gudetama cream puff (¥450) filled with creamy tiramisu.

gudetama 8

The last place to go before getting off the flight is of course the souvenir shop. It has a host of things from plush to the most bizarre things like Gudetama printed toilet paper rolls. Grab something you like before you head off home!

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