A Guy Admitted to Playing Pokémon GO When His Car Hit and Killed Someone


Japan’s first fatal accident involving popular game Pokemon GO took place on Tuesday (23 Aug 2016) in Tokushima city, western Japan.

Image: telegraph.co.uk
Image: telegraph.co.uk

A 39-year-old farmer named Keiji Gooh allegedly knocked down two women, Sachiko Nakanishi (72) and Kayoko Ikawa (60), on Tuesday evening around 7:25 pm.

The 72-year-old woman died while the 60-year-old woman was seriously injured.

The reason for the accident: He was playing Pokemon GO while driving.

The man was arrested on Wednesday.

Warnings issued by world’s authorities in July

When the app was launched, authorities around the world have issued warnings about the app to their people.

This was what they were talking about.


79 traffic accidents and 1,140 cases of drivers distracted by Pokemon GO

This fatal accident came about after 79 traffic accidents involving bicycles and cars.

The police also reported that there were 1,140 cases of drivers distracted by Pokemon GO while driving.

In Singapore, the popular gaming app has caused fights, confrontations, violation of safety rules and trespassing into properties.

Removal of Pokemon from Fukushima disaster zone

Japan authorities have approached Niantic to stop any Pokemon from appearing in the Fukushima disaster zone after one was spotted in the area.

Given how Pokemon GO players are willing to throw away their lives (or others), that’s a pretty wise move, actually.

Featured Image: japantimes.co.jp

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