Guy Allegedly Fell For 7-Eleven Staff & Ordered Coffee Every Day But Got Diabetes Instead

When you fall for someone, you find yourself doing irrational things.

It could be replying their texts impatiently when all you want is to continue texting them.

Or it could be spending money to buy hair wax because you’re pretty sure she likes the smell of that particular brand.

And you have as much hair as One Punch Man.

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Well, this one guy from Taiwan isn’t an exception.

The Girl From 7-Eleven

A young man from Taiwan wrote about his experience with a crush on a forum.

Titled “Wooing a girl depends on a guy’s perseverance”, he started off by telling people how they met.

He was at a 7-Eleven near his home when he noticed this girl working at that particular outlet.

Unfortunately, our protagonist isn’t the smooth, suave guy you always see in Korean dramas.

He had to brainstorm for ways to catch her attention.

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And He Thought Of A Special Plan

He decided to buy coffee from her every single day. Without fail.

And to make sure he stands out to her, he’ll order a cup of coffee with five teaspoons of sugar.


You’re not the only one to think that.

Because the girl was puzzled and wondered if it’ll be too sweet to him. And that’s when he broke out his magic line: Not as sweet as you.

And Two Years Later

He got diabetes.


Yup. Reality strikes. Hard.

Real or not?

Some of the netizens were concerned for the guy’s health. I mean, diabetes is serious business, man.

But some were wondering if the story’s even true in the first place. Because you got to admit that it sounds pretty far-fetched.

But true or not, there is a lesson to learn from the story.

Love drives you to do crazy things. But make sure you don’t do stuff so crazy it’ll harm you in the long run.

Plus, it wasn’t known if he managed to get the girl.

Buying coffee from the same girl straight for two years? And there’s no confession or anything of the sort?

Chances are you’ve fallen into one of three categories:

  • That weird coffee guy
  • A creep
  • Friendzoned.

Now, I’m not sure which is worse, because we all know that sorry isn’t the hardest word to say, it’s friendzoned.

You can read his post below:


Although I couldn’t resist saying this: Still a better love story than Twilight.

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