Guy Can’t Get Over One-Sided Crush & Raped Girl The Night Before Her Engagement

If you’ve ever watched the Netflix series “You”, you’d probably be aware of just how creepy love-obsessed stalkers are.

According to World Of Buzz, a 23-year-old man from South Sumatra took his love obsession 100 steps further:

Long Time Crush On School Mate

The man had a crush on his fellow school mate for many years. In fact, the one-sided romance was reported to have lasted for many years, ever since they were both kids.

Unfortunately, his feelings were never reciprocated – and that should’ve been the end of the story.

Sadly, it wasn’t.

Man Visits Girl’s House The Day Before Her Engagement

When he found out that the girl was going to get engaged to another guy, he decided it was okay to pay her a visit at her house the night before the engagement.

Now how did he know exactly which date she was getting engaged? My guess is as good as yours, but I suppose it could possibly be due to social media.

Man Enters House Through Unlocked Front Door And Raped Girl

According to Sosok, her front door was unlocked on that fateful night, allowing him to enter the house.

When the woman realised someone else was in the house, she asked, “Who is it?” However, there was no response and he immediately raped her. During the ordeal, she was reported to have shouted for her boyfriend, which made the man angrier.

After it was over, he left the girl’s house in a hurry.

The Man Has Been Arrested

The girl then informed her family about the incident, and they reported it to the police who then arrested the suspect.

He was charged under Article 289 of the Criminal Code and sentenced to 9 years in jail.

At the very least, he didn’t manage to get away and will be made to atone for his crimes.

Previous Warning Signs

According to China Press, this vile man had already visited her house many times. That’s not the creepiest bit.

Each time he visited, his bowels somehow failed him and he would ask to go to the toilet. “He would then proceed to take her knickers from a basket and smell it over a hundred times”.

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Yikes, this is really one disturbed individual and we’re glad he’s going to be locked away behind bars for a good 9 years.


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