Women Have Been Reportedly Throwing Themselves at Guy Who Sold Selfies for US$1 Million


Maybe you’ve heard of the Indonesian student who recently made around US$1,000,000 by selling his selfies as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

But do you know that apart from potential clients, a whole crowd of women have been throwing themselves at him, asking if they can get to know him better?

Of course it’s for his looks, not his wealth… Right?

(On a side note, maybe matchmaking through NFTs will be a thing in the future?)

Guy Who Made 1M USD Through Selling Selfies Bombarded With Messages From Women 

According to Indonesian tabloid Kompas, 22-year-old Ghozali shared on a podcast episode with YouTube Channel TS Media that he had received a huge number of messages in his inbox from women who wanted to get to know him better after his story went viral. (And after he became rich.)

Ghozali had previously gained fame due to how he became a millionaire (or, billionaire, if you’re talking about rupiah) by selling his selfies from 2017 to 2021 as NFTs. He did so through his account “Ghozali Everyday” that he started on a platform called OpenSea.

So far, Ghozali has earned approximately US$986,485 in sales just from his selfie shots alone.

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That’s a lot. I wish my selfies could be worth that much too.

Additionally, when asked about how many women have contacted him after the news broke, he also admitted sheepishly, “A lot.”

Ghozali (Still) Keeping His Head Straight

Although the sudden influx in women who have taken interest in him may prove to be tempting for other guys if they were put in his position, Ghozali clearly isn’t like that.

He told Kompas that “he never replied to any of the women’s incoming messages”.


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He also claimed that this was because “he felt that he already knew the intentions of the women to approach him” with his short response, “No replies – I already know their intentions.”

Well, I wonder what kind of intentions these women could have…

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Featured Image: YouTube (TS Media)