Guy Stays in Jurong Point for Years & You’ll Love The Mall’s Epic Response

If you stay in the west, you’ll have been to Jurong Point once or twice. In fact, if you happen to stay further to the west (like Boon Lay, Pioneer and Tuas), chances are you’ll love the mall.

I mean, after all, that’s like the only neighbourhood mall in the area and it carries everything we need. 24-hour NTUC, a cinema, an arcade and lots of food; Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Hong Kong, you name it, they might have it.

But here’s one additional reason to love the mall: apparently, they have a heart. Here’s what’s been going on.

A Man Allegedly Stayed in the Mall for 4 Years


According to a report by Straits Times, Mr Chen Jinfu, a Malaysian man from Ipoh, has been staying in the mall for four years. 

Working in an electronics factory, he rents a shared room in Boon Lay but prefers to stay in the mall as the room was ‘hot’ and he ‘doesn’t get along well with his roommates’. 

And surprisingly, we get that. After all, the mall has air-con, Wi-Fi, electricity to charge his phone and water for him to use. All free of charge.

But what’s most surprising is the mall’s answer.

As Long as He Behaves Appropriately, We Warmly Welcome Him ‘Like Any Other Shopper’


Yup, that’s the mall’s response. In fact, the mall was ‘heartened that shoppers enjoy using this facility’ so much they’ll want to live there. As long as he doesn’t create trouble, he’s welcome to the facilities they have in the mall. 

Pretty awesome, considering that in a bid to save money, he doesn’t even shop at the mall’s 24-hour Fairprice Xtra. Instead, he goes into Johor Bahru every weekend to get his necessities. 

He claimed that he has never been once chased away from the shopping mall, and has even seen others loitering around the area like him.

When asked why he’s still paying rent for a room he doesn’t use, he replied it was to have an address for his employment pass. Kind of like renting an office mailbox for business related mail. 

And this is why we say Jurong Point is the best mall in the west. Agree?

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