Guy Who’s Friendzoned for 10 Years Posted the Saddest IG Image Ever

I like to think I’m a pretty manly guy. It’s drilled in me, you know; the whole alpha male mindset bullshit.

As such, I once swore never to cry, not even in the most dire circumstances.

And so far I think I’m doing quite well, seeing how I never once cried in the last three years despite intense setbacks such as super emotional movies (Our Times), horrifying encounters (a cockroach in my room) and the most painful experiences (stubbing my toe against the bed frame).

But that all came to naught this morning, when I chanced upon a very disturbing series of pictures.

At first I was like Meh, nothing new here.

Image: Know Your Meme

But after going through the whole thing, all thoughts of manliness flew right out the window.

Image: Town of Salem Wiki – Fandom

Forget Titanic.

This shit is the most heart-wrenching thing you’re probably going to see in your entire life.

*Sniffs uncontrollably*

The tale of a boy and a girl

On 11 Feb, Instagram user @deddy_setiawan24 posted a series of images on his feed, which were subsequently shared by channel

These images seemed to depict his relationship with a girl over the years.

Image: Instagram /

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Just your typical boyfriend, girlfriend thingie, really. Incidentally, I witness it on a daily basis (be it on social media, bus or even the toilet), and believe me when I say that it’s totally mainstream (it’s totally not because I’m salty).

Image: Instagram /

So… they aged two years. Hurray. 

Image: Instagram /

Another four years have flown by, and I must say: they are ageing pretty well! At this point I’m like screw the love thing, I’m just gonna enjoy this mini photo album.

Image: Instagram /

2016! That’s 8 years on from the first photo, but they don’t seem any less lovey-dovey!


But oh well, I can totally hear the wedding bells ringing.

Can you hear it?!

Image: Instagram /

Hah, totally saw it coming! Although I would have appreciated a good ol’ proposal pic, but a wedding photo totally works too…

Wait. Something’s wrong. Let me check back again.

Image: Instagram /

Why is the girl standing so close to another guy? Shouldn’t she be standing next to her groom?

Image: Instagram /

Why the **** is the groom so shabbily-dressed? And why’s he smiling so happily? That dude just stole your girl, dude! Get it already!

But hey, maybe that guy’s her brother. Maybe there are more clarifications?

As it turns out, there were.

Image: Instagram /

Translation: “Why did she leave?”

Image: Instagram /

Translation: “It’s because I always prayed to Allah for the best woman for me and it turns out she wasn’t the one.”

Image: Instagram /

Translation: “Tell your kids next time that there used to be a stupid guy who would do anything just to see you smile.”

Image: Instagram /

Translation: “Have confidence that after the rain, comes a rainbow.”

The final revelation? The guy had been in love with the girl for a long, long time. But as you might have guessed…

She didn’t feel the same way.

Image: Know Your Meme
Image: Daily Kos
Image: Imgflip
Image: Imgflip


The story soon went viral, and Netizens heaped in tons of support.

Some said they could relate to the guy’s feelings, and asked him to stay strong.

Others consoled him by saying she wasn’t meant to be his soulmate.

And I agree. It’s the girl’s loss for not picking you.

So stay strong, and get back on your feet.

After all, just because there’s a goalkeeper doesn’t mean that you can’t score.

JUST KIDDING. Please don’t do that. Instead, look forward, and one day you will find the right one.

For sure.

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