Guys Caught on CCTV Putting Pregnant Cat into Clothes Dryer

Image: YouTube (NST Online)

No matter how mindboggling J.K Rowling made Albus Dumbledore out to be, she’s got one thing right, at least.

Every person has a dark side to them.

Remember the spate of cat killings Yishun and other spots of Singapore had suffered from? Well, this incident just made those look like a walk in the park.

Because you have to be a certain kind of sick to put a pregnant cat into a clothes dryer. And before you think I’m making things up, it really happened. Sadly.

Man Puts Pregnant Cat in Clothes Dryer


On 12 Sep, it was reported that the Malaysian police are looking for two men. Their crime? Putting a cat, believed to be pregnant, into a clothes dryer machine.

Then, they turned it on.

The incident reportedly happened at in a laundry shop in Gombak, Selangor.

By the way, a clothes dryer machine doesn’t just tumble dry your clothes. The interior of the machine heats up to make your clothes toasty dry.

In the video, it seemed that the cat was familiar with humans, laying calmly on the floor even as one of the men approached her.

He lifted up the cat while the other opened the dryer’s door.

They trapped the cat in the machine and walked away. The CCTV footage later caught them coming back and putting coins in the machine.

After activating the machine, they stood there and watch the cat trapped in the machine for a while before leaving with their laundry.

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Cat’s Bloody Carcass Discovered By Another User

Another user of the laundromat found the aftermath of their shenanigans at about 10.30 am.

The cat’s carcass was soaked in blood and left in the dryer.

The management of the shop consulted with the Malaysia Animal Association before lodging a police report. They handed over the CCTV footage as well.

It was revealed that the two men are regular customers at the laundry shop.

The police chief of Gombak district said that the hunt is on. They’ll be investigating the case under Section 428 of the Penal Code for killing or maiming any animal.

If found guilty, the offender can be imprisoned up to a maximum of three years, fined, or both.

Here, you can watch the footage for yourself here:

A special place in hell should be reserved for these folks. I mean, the footage doesn’t have audio. But if it did, you’d probably hear the chilling yowls of pain from the cat.

You’ve got to be someone special to just walk away without trying to help. And not in a good way.

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