Gyms Now Hoping That They Can Reopen After Suffering Losses for 6 Weeks

As helpful as Chloe Ting‘s sessions are, there’s just no denying the fact that there is no place like home.

As the saying goes, “Home is where the heart is.”

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And that is exactly how it is for our neighbourhood gym rats.

It could be your brother who’s just got into bulking up.

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It might just be your sister who’s recently purchased a pair Lululemon tights for her spin cycle classes – or maybe it’s you.

Is your beloved collection of athleisure wear just rotting in your closet?

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You would be glad to know that Circuit Breaker hasn’t just done you dirty. Gym and fitness studio owners have been hoping for the same. The painful sight of unused equipment has taken a big toll on the gym and fitness community in Singapore, and it’s not hard to see why.

As the number of community cases fall, gyms are optimistic that they would be allowed to resume operations in June.

Gyms Face Competition With Free Online Programmes

In an interview with The Straits Times, former national boxer and boxing gym owner, Muhamad Ridhwan, shared that his coaching fees for personal training have dropped.

Just before the pandemic, Mr Ridhwan charged $100 per session. His current coaching fee of just $30 per online session sees a big drop of $70.

Other gym owners have also lamented on the number of people who have since withdrawn their monthly gym memberships.

All these factors have led to a decline in revenue which have forced gym owners to enforce a cut in their staff’s salaries.

In other words, people aren’t just losing their fitness; they’re also losing their livelihoods.

According to another gym owner, Alex Salihin, some gym-goers just do not see the value of hiring a trainer online. “I think it would take at least six months for my gym to start making money again,” he said to The Straits Times.

Furthermore, these gyms are facing tough competition against a growing number of fitness programmes that are put online for free.

I’m looking at you, Chloe Ting

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Government to Asses Situation For Gyms to Open, Sets Up Virtual Platform for Trainers 

Just last month, Sport Singapore launched the initiative, ActiveSG Circle, as a measure to support our local coaches and trainers.

The virtual platform connects and pairs private fitness coaches and freelance instructors to ActiveSG’s 1.6 million active members.

According to Sport Singapore’s public deputy director S. Parameswaran, necessary adjustments have to be made in preparation for a new form of normalcy.

“The Government will asses the situation and announce the progressive reopening of business and industry sectors, including gym operations, at an appropriate time,” he said.

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Gyms Enforce Safe-Distancing Measures Even Before Announced Opening

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the resume of services for gyms and fitness clubs, many have thought ahead and have since set-up safe distancing measures.

Others have also arranged for their premises to be deep cleaned.


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The co-founder of The Garage, See Weeijie, told The Straits Times: “We believe the Government will adopt a more phase-like approach and gyms may be one one of the last few businesses to reopen, so we are mentally prepared for that.”

No doubt, the transition to normalcy will not be an overnight job for Singapore. As such, delays in the opening of certain services are to be expected.

As inconvenient as our existing measures are, we certainly hope that we follow through.

If you haven’t already planned out your home-based workout, do consider supporting our local trainers through the ActiveSG Circle programme!

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After all, studies have shown that overweight people who’re COVID-19 positive tend to have a worse prognosis than a BuffLord.


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