Haha Just Revealed How He Changed After Getting Punched By His Best Friend

In a recent interview in Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation’s (MBC) Human Documentary People is Good, Haha, an iconic figure from the successful Running Man television series revealed his life experiences and his loyalty to his childhood friends. 

The episode, which was titled Haha’s Infinite Challenge, was a personal recount by Haha of the tough times that he had been through with his childhood friends. During the interview, he also mentioned about the debilitating health of the Running Man cast members as a result of continuous filming. 

However, the story that touched most of the audiences’ hearts was the one which he had displayed great affection and care for his childhood friends during rough times. Park Geun Shik and Kim Sang Kyun grew up with Haha and had dreams of becoming a star actor and a professional golfer respectively. Unfortunately, after a motorcycle accident for Park Geun Shik and a fall which had broke Kim Sang Kyun’s arm, their dreams were dashed. 

Unable to secure any other jobs to support themselves, Haha suggested for them to live together with him and offered to open up a restaurant with them. Haha also revealed that his friends such as Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Jong Kook advised him not to do so as it would most likely fail! 

Eventually, the restaurant turned out to be a success and his friends said they were wrong to have not believed in him in the first place. Kim Sang Kyun expressed his genuine thanks to Haha during the episode and commented that he himself might not have been able to do what Haha had done if the roles were reversed. 

However, Haha explained that it was his friends who he should be thankful instead as during a dark period in his life, Haha was rebellious and decided to let go of himself. After inviting Park Geun Shik to a pub for a drink, Park Geun Shik delivered a punch to his face and it was at this moment that Haha woke up and decided to change his outlook on life. 

It was, indeed, one punch that turned this boy into the famous man we know now.

Although his friends said that it was Haha who had changed their lives, Haha believes that it was his friends who have helped him through his dark times and supported him to become the man he is today. 

What an inspiring life story, eh?

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