Guy Ordered $150 HDL Food With Online Date Then Ran Off After Finishing Food

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When it comes to relationships, most of us are actually pretty simple folks with simple expectations.

All I want my match to be is just not to be a serial killer. A very simple expectation.

Image: Giphy

Then comes the day when something finally clicks in the universe. Someone is actually interested in getting to know me more than random flirting!

Image: Giphy

And you chatted for hours upon hours… so you think that things might be getting kind of serious.

Image: Giphy

But there’s still that one fear that’s always on our minds.

That the person you’ve been chatting with all along is a scam.

Sadly, that turned out to be the case for a certain girl who met a scammer on a lunch date at Haidilao.

Ordered S$150 Worth Of Food

In a Facebook post shared by her friend, it appears that a dude called Chun Zhou asked her out on a lunch date using the TanTan app.

Image: Facebook

We have no idea how the “date” actually went, but the guy then proceeded to order S$150 worth of food and ate 80% of it.

Then “Went Toilet”

He went to the toilet and “flew aeroplane”. And by that, I don’t mean he had too much Mala and had to Hiroshima bomb the faecal deposition site. He used the oldest trick in the book and disappeared.

The poor girl was left with the S$150 bill, and perhaps more importantly… left alone.

Image: Giphy


When she tried contacting him, the guy already blocked her “everywhere”.

For those wondering, the average spending at Haidilao seems to be about S$40 to S$50. Which meant that the scammer ate almost three portions worth on his own.

Definitely couldn’t tell from his pics:

Image: Facebook

Image: Facebook

Image: Facebook


The post also said that the girl wanted to “AA” the bill and didn’t expect him to pay fully anyway.

Stay On The Lookout for Scammers

Chun Zhou is most likely on more than just one dating app, and there’s probably more like him out there, so do keep a lookout. Perhaps make sure your date and you are both comfortable with what you’re spending on the date lest something like this happens.

But I’m sure these stories only happen on the internet and will never happen to me.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be travelling to Estonia to meet my to-be-fiance Katya Petrova Osenka on our first-ever meeting.

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