Hotpot Restaurant Spotted Breaking Many Covid-19 Rules, Tried Blocking Officers From Entering To Check

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What do you do when you’re caught letting more than 5 people (within a single group) enter your restaurant and eat?

  • Grovel and apologise, ask for a second chance
  • Take it like a man, admit your wrongdoing
  • Become defensive, stop authorities from entering your restaurant

Most businesses wouldn’t go for option 3 because, well, we all know it’ll make things worse.

But that’s apparently what a hotpot restaurant at Shaw House decided to go for and let’s just say things did not end well for them.

What Happened

According to the various reports online, Hai Xian Lao, a hotpot restaurant located at Shaw House on the fourth level, was spotted letting a group of more than 20 people exit its restaurant.

Image: Facebook (Hai Xian Lao 海鲜捞)

It was Singapore Tourism Board enforcement officers who spotted the possible breach and decided to enter the restaurant to investigate the situation.

When the officers attempted to enter the restaurant, the staff were reportedly aggressive and tried to block the officers from entering the restaurant and the private dining area.


Turns out, not only did the restaurant allow a group of more than 20 people dine at the restaurant in a private locked room, but they also allowed patrons to drink their alcohol after 10.30pm.

Image: STB

Customers were also not spaced 1-metre apart.

TL; DR: Every major safe management measure they could possibly break, they did.

The restaurant had its operations suspended for 10 days and was issued a composition fine of $2,000.

No Chance Given

STB said that they will come down hard on any business or members of the public who refused to follow the safety management measures.

While they “encourage people to go out and enjoy” what Singapore businesses have to offer, you have to do it in a “safe and socially responsible manner”.

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This way, we won’t be facing what many other countries are facing at the moment: a second (or even third) outbreak of Covid-19 infections.

Moral of the story?

This isn’t the time to Just do anything, don’t get caught.

Because even if the authorities don’t catch you, Covid-19 will; and once Covid-19 catches on, you’ll eventually be caught by the authorities. Just look at the badminton organiser saga.

Meanwhile, let’s all stay safe while waiting for the vaccine, which has entered its first trial, to be ready, yeah?

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