11 Misconceptions on Hair Care That You Really Have to Know

There’s a reason why hair is called your crowning glory. If you’ve got hair ad worthy locks, people are bound to turn and take a second look, and be mesmerized by your silky, smooth, thick hair.

Even if you’re dressed in your messiest attire. Your hair can actually be your saving grace.

If you’re wondering about some hair myths and would like to get them cleared up, you might want to read on to see the 10 misconceptions we’ve clarified here.

If You Trim Your Hair Often, It’ll Grow Faster
False! In actual fact, trimming your hair doesn’t stimulate its growth. It all comes down to the scalp. But yes, frayed hair ends do make your hair seem thinner and does make it break, so when you cut it off, it does look much fuller than before.

Brush Your Hair More And It’ll Be Healthier
There’s actually very little extra value to this, and in fact, if you brush your hair too much, it causes damage to your hair’s cuticles. If you need to brush your hair, do it when you feel it’s getting tangled.

Dandruff is caused by dry hair
False, as usually its an oily scalp that shakes hands with dandruff. It’s caused by a yeast, by the way that thrives in an oily accommodation – your head, in this case. Switch to an anti-dandruff shampoo, but don’t reduce your hair-wash days.

Towel Dry Your Hair’s A Yes
No, it’s a no. The act itself is rough, and can cause your hair to break away. Squeeze your hair slowly with the towel, and when you’re done, use a come with wide teeth to take away the excess drops of water.

The More Bubbles In Your Shampoo, The Better It Works
Well, you can laugh this one off, coz it’s not true. Sulfates are still being debated as to whether they’re safe or not, but it has been known to take the colour off your hair faster (in cases when your hair is dyed, duh!). Glycerin based shampoos also give suds, but have no known risks.

No to Oil as It Gets Your Hair Greased Up
If you add certain types of oil to your hair, it actually protects it from UV damage, heat and even bleaching effects. Case in point – coconut oil! But of course don’t dip your entire head into a bowl of oil lah…

Alternate Your Shampooing Days
Rather than follow this rule blindly, it’s best if you understand your own head of hair and judge for yourself. Your scalp feeling oily? Wash away. It’s best to not wash until you feel the tinge of grease on it, especially if you’ve got dry hair on your head.

Don’t Dye Your Hair When You’re Pregnant
The level of ammonia is actually pretty low in hair dyes, so you don’t have to worry about it being absorbed into your scalp or you inhaling it while being preggers and getting your hair done. Still prefer a safer alternative? Go for henna instead – it’s free of ammonia and plant based too!

Pluck One Grey Hair and Two Will Return
No, this definitely is not true. Plucking does, however, weaken your hair and make it more difficult for hair growth. Whether it’s black hair or white hair or transparent hair, just don’t pluck them.

Dyed Hair Equals Unhealthy
Bleaching is surely the worst technique for your hair, but if you want to colour it, instead of removing colour, choose to add instead. When you add colour, your locks somehow look thicker. So, instead of bleaching for a brighter look, go for a darker shade.

Blow Dry or Air Dry?
Blow drying gives more damage to your hair on the surface, but get this, air-drying could create damage on the deeper end and within the hair strands itself. How? The hair swells on the inside thanks to being exposed to water for a longer time, hence wreaking more havoc than blow-drying. The best thing to do is use a blow dryer but with a lower heat setting.

Mind blowing right? Or should we say hair blown?