Everything About the Harvest Moon in Singapore on 29 Sept, The Last Supermoon in 2023


Mid Autumn Festival is coming soon and we are all stocking up on mooncakes.

During the Mid Autumn Festival, the moon is known to be very bright and round. Hence the stories about Chang’er and the Jade Rabbit on the moon.

Indeed, it may be very much worth looking at the moon this Mid Autumn Festival since the Chinese festival coincides with the last supermoon of the day.

Are you ready to break out your tea leaves and admire the moon with a cup of tea?

Here is more about the Harvest Moon which can be seen in Singapore on 29 September.

Harvest Moon, the Last Supermoon in Singapore, Will Happen on 29 September 2023

Are there any astrologers amongst us?

Those who love the skies and those who just casually look up and admire the moon will be in for a treat at the end of this month.

The Harvest Moon can be seen in the night sky this Friday on 29 September 2023.

This is your last chance to catch a glimpse of a supermoon if you missed the two previous supermoons earlier this year as the Harvest Moon will be the last one for this year.

Do we hear you making a note of the supermoon in your calendar?

The Harvest Moon will start rising and be visible around 7 pm in the evening. The peak of the supermoon will be at 9 pm.

You will not need any binoculars to see the supermoon as it will be a large moon.

Here’s hoping that the weather stays clear and the skies are not cloudy so we can all get a great view (and of course, pictures) of the last supermoon of 2023.

The Harvest Moon Coincides With the Mid Autumn Festival This Year

If you need more reason to spend some time gazing at the moon this year, think about how coincidental it is that the last supermoon of the year coincides with the Mid Autumn Festival this year.

Mid-Autumn Festival is taking place on 29 September this year, the 15th day of the eighth lunar month.

The moons are typically bright and round on this day, and people light to drink tea and admire the moon’s beauty.


Since this year’s moon will be a supermoon, that’s an even better reason for you to jio your kakis to have a cup of tea at night.

Remember to bring along your mooncakes and lanterns for a complete Mid-Autumn Festival experience.