Pain is actually good for you. Here’s what science says.

I’m sure no one likes pain and although the saying goes “no pain no gain”, no one in their right mind will gladly enjoy being in pain.

What if you have the ability not to feel pain anymore? Will it be as awesome as it sounds?

Remember your reaction when your hand touched the hot kettle? You’ll jerk away immediately, right? Now imagine if you can’t feel the pain and your hand remained on the kettle, I can imagine second-degree burns in your future.

This may seem like a good thing but it isn’t. Here are some facts about pain and why it is, in fact, something that may be good for you

Pain is a warning
Pain is a sensation that we feel when we touch something that may cause discomfort or injury to us, and it’s a warning signal of some kind for our brains.

Our central nervous system transmitting the responses to our brains from other parts of our body when it feels any feeling of discomfort.

This means that pain is actually something although uncomfortable, is good for us as it warns us of any danger that you may put yourself into.

For instance, when you accidentally burn yourself, the pain you feel from that is actually a signal from our brains that you are in danger and you should avoid it to prevent yourself from getting into further harm.

Immunity to pain
If you are wondering if it is possible for someone to be immune to pain. The answer is yes.

There have been records of people who are immune to pain and have never felt pain due to them suffering from a condition known as Congenital Insensitivity to Pain (CIP).

For those who suffer from CIP, they are unable to describe the feeling of pain or have any responses to it as they have no experience of it before. And they have to be careful in everyday life because they’re not able to sense danger the way we can.

How we perceive pain
Research has shown that our perception of pain is dependent on the experiences that we remember and different people have different views on what is the most painful for them.

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Pain is also seen as a good thing for us as the body will react to the sensation of pain.

Pain helps our body defend itself
Another study has found that feeling pain can trigger responses in our body to start defending itself. For example, when you have a headache or fever, the feeling of soreness or discomfort is a signal from your body to tell yourself to be wary and seek treatment to ensure that it recovers.

The next time someone tells you that pain is a way of showing weakness, perhaps you should tell them that it is actually the opposite and something that you should thank your bodies for.

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