Haters Claimed Nas Daily’s Meetup Has Less People Than Reported; Nas Daily Responded with an Image

Over in Kranji, people were posting images online on how crowded a certain night market is, showing that it takes hours just to step into the night market.

I’m 2% sure that someone working there must be saying, “Damn, I hope there’ll be less people. Or hopefully people would just stop posting images of the crowd online. It’ll deter people from coming!”

And somewhere near Botanic Gardens, it’s a different story altogether.

Unlike Kranji, people there were trying to convince others that it’s crowded.

So much so that it’s become a subtle war of words, but at least now we know where all Singaporeans were yesterday:

A large group were squeezing in Kranji, another bigger group in the eastern part of Singapore and one more group in the central of Singapore.

Yeah, all these despite the rain.

Nas Daily Meet-up Number

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d know that the likable Nas Daily team, founded by the screaming 27-year-old Nuseir Yassin, is moving to Singapore.

The good news is that they intend to hire five people for his company, and has so far hired two Singaporeans so that they can see Nas Daily.

Everything he’s done would be done with a bang, and his first meet-up after he’s settled in Singapore is no different: he held an event in Botanic Gardens yesterday and managed to pull if off in such short notice with an event company and a lawyer for the paperwork.

But like anything the man does, haters gonna hate, and this time, it’s the number.

400 to 2,000 People

Because I was sleeping soundly as Yassin worked hard as usual, I’ve to read online on how many people went to the meet-up.

Turns out that counting isn’t exactly Singaporeans’ forte.

Zaobao estimated that there were about “400 to 500”, and when Channel NewsAsia reported it as 2,000 people, which was estimated by Botanic Gardens itself, you can bet that haters are going to come in like a wrecking ball to denounce that.

And in they come.

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A Facebook user decided to remind us of a bill that’s being tabled, and he was so enthusiastic about his cause that he decided to post the images he had taken everywhere.

Here’s the post:

Simply put, he taught a bird how to fly,  and concluded that there were only 350 people with photo evidence…

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…though you’ve got to admit that it looks like the event hasn’t even started.

So you think Nas Daily is going to just ignore this?


Well, no.

He responded to the post with his personal account in a comment with a thousand words:

So, who’s right and who’s wrong?

I’d say: who cares? Everyone knows Nas Daily is popular and everyone knows the places that are most crowded are Kranji MRT Station and Changi MRT Station.

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