‘Haunted’ Red House in Now a Pre-School Since May 2014


Last Updated on 2018-11-13 , 7:58 pm

I don’t know what is scarier: knowing that one of the most popular haunted places is now a pre-school only now, or knowing that it has been like that since 2014.

Well, maybe it’s a bit of both.

“Red House”, One of the Most Haunted Places in Singapore, Has been a Pre-School Since 2014

Ever since I was born, I knew about the different coloured haunted houses in Singapore, as if I’m born being a paranormal investigator. My understanding is that there are three of such houses, namely the Red House in Loyang, the White House in Punggol and the Green House in Hillview.

Kind of like Final Fantasy, you know, whereby each house would contain a crystal that would turn me into the chosen one to save the world.

The White House has since been converted into a clubhouse while the Green House no longer exists since the mid-2000s. In other words, what was left technically was then the Red House.

And of all the houses, I’ve only “explored” the Red House, and let’s just say that it’s not exactly a good experience: we have to walk 1 million kilometres to the site from our chalet (remember, back then, Uber / Grab did not exist), the lion statues outside the house were always staring at any unwanted visitors and it was so dark over there, I won’t be surprised if DC Comics film a scene there.


Recently, MustShareNews and Mothership wrote about the house being converted into a pre-school since 2014, and my heart shattered.

Kind of.

I asked my boss if I could write about this, he asked me to go eat shit and here I am.

History of Red House

According to a research done by Asian Paranormal Investigators (gotta give kudos to them: back then, Internet wasn’t a thing!), the house was built in 1938 – that was even before World War II. It was first owned by a British civil servant who once served as Singapore’s first president of the City Council.

It was then sold to CK Tang (yes, that CK Tang) in 1964, and had remained abandoned since then.

But it’s not the history that’s interesting: it’s the stories that come with it that makes it such a fascination for daredevils to trespass.


I won’t deny that the house is “haunted” primarily due to its close proximity to the numerous chalets in Pasir Ris: I’m quite certain that some playful boys had come back to the chalets with fake paranormal experiences to impress the girls. I know my friend did.

But anyways, here are some of the interesting ones:

  • The pair of stone lions would supposedly face the other direction at night
  • There is a weeping doll on a rocking chair inside the house
  • Shadows could be seen moving within the house

The last time I was there, the gates were locked and the only entrance was through a broken fence behind the building. Suffice to say, we did not dare to go further in (it was too dark).

The State Now

This was how it looked like in the past…

Image: Google Maps (2008) (Notice how many people were exploring it when the Google car drove past!)

…and now, it looks completely different.

Image: Google Maps (Sept 2016)

It’s now a pre-school campus owned by Odyssey, a brand that’s under the umbrella of Busy Bees, a childcare services provider in the UK.

What’s even more shocking is that they opened in May 2014: and yet here I am, still thinking that I can bring my grandchildren there to visit it.

Well, maybe I can still bring them there (when I have them): it’s just that it’d be a for a different reason altogether.


In the meantime, with all the coloured houses down, I guess Singapore has just become a tad more boring #justsaying

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