Having Spicy Food with an Empty Stomach, To Some Extent, Does Contribute to Laosai


Last Updated on 2021-01-07 , 1:41 pm

Does your McSpicy end up as McLaoSai every single time?

If it does, you’re not alone.

Many writers in Goody Feed can’t focus when writing because their mouth and stomach sort of disagree on what they like to have, and it usually ends up with a messy toilet bowl and a smelly toilet.

But, does eating spicy food with an empty stomach really cause laosai?

At least, that was what many of our parents told us.

Some people laosai after that while some just go on with their daily business – not that business, of course.

However, seems like most of us have no idea what causes the stomachache.

Here’s why.


Remember the name of this nasty fella because this chemical is the culprit behind all the McLaoSai you’ve had. Found naturally in chillies such as habaneros, jalapenos and poblanos, capsaicin is also used in gardening and farming to keep bugs and animals away.

When you eat chillies and the capsaicin within them comes in contact with the lining of your stomach, it can cause pain and temporary discomfort.

But does it turn your butt into a waterfall?

Here’s what really happens when you eat spicy food on an empty stomach

The idea is, when you eat spicy food on an empty stomach, the spicy food travels down your gullet like a massive fireball which will destroy everything it comes into contact with unless there is something inside to dilute it.

So, when you have the urge for some McSpicy in the future, start with the fries before eating the burger.

The bottom line? Directly or indirectly, spicy food does contribute to something (whether it’s a full-blown laosai or just some discomfort).

How about downing soft drinks before that?

While it might provide temporary relief (read: less than 10 seconds), your can of Coke doesn’t really help all that much.


Capsaicin is a fat-soluble chemical, so it’s unable to be diluted in water, soft drinks, juices and other fat-free liquids. Next time, drink milk. And if you’re lactose intolerant, you’re screwed.

If you still insist on eating spicy food, here’s what you can do

Take an antacid before or after you eat. Eat slowly, no matter how soon you have to go back to the office, and get a bottle of Meiji Banana Milk to drink after the meal.

Or just have your fries before your McSpicy.

If not…just get used to it.

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