Hawker Dishes Shaped Like Cakes Are Now Available for Delivery & for Your Instagram

I’ve got to admit this: the moment I receive this topic, I was like, “Oh, chey, just another cake with chicken on top lah. What’s new?”

But I looked deeper, read more and immediately went

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Because this isn’t your typical cake.

Heck, it isn’t even a cake to begin with.

Hawker Dishes Shaped Like Cakes Are Now Available for Delivery & for Your Instagram

The White Ombre is known for customizing some really quirky cakes for their customers.

Like this that would make your wife or girlfriend happy:

Or this that’ll make everyone happy.

And so, when they can even customize a Rolex watch cake…

You know nothing’s too difficult for them.

Because for some reason unknown to the human race, they’ve now come out with this:

So you think it’s a cake, but no: it’s entirely made up of a zichar dish, and in this case, it comprises prawn paste chicken (har cheong gai) with fried rice.

When we all live in 2020, The White Ombre is living in 2030.

And it’s not just har cheong gai cake, though that’s what made me hungry.

There’s also chicken rice cake, because why not?

The owner of The White Ombre told Goody Feed that they started this unique initiative to increase the sales for everyone, as these dishes are obviously not cooked by them, but by the hawkers in the nearby coffeeshop.

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They brought the phrase “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” to life.

The cake shop does the styling and handles the deliveries.


Since its launch this afternoon, they’ve received more than 20 orders.

But how much does it cost, you ask.

That depends on the size: for a 4” cake that can feed 1 to 2 pax, it’ll be $35.

A 6” cake that can feed 3 to 4 pax will be $55.

A 8” cake that can feed 5 to 6 pax will be $75.


I know what you’re thinking: that’s an expensive meal.

But seriously, this so-called meal isn’t for your stomach lah, it’s for your Instagram and for the laughter and smiles you’ll get from your household members. That is priceless.

You can make your order by going to their Facebook page.

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