Hawkers in S’pore Provide Free Food During Circuit Breaker Period Since They’re Losing Money Anyway


With the circuit breaker measures coming into play on 7 Apr, businesses all around Singapore are making losses, especially F&B and retail businesses.

While some decide to close their doors temporarily and wait out the measures, others took a more unorthodox view.

“Since I’m losing money anyway, might as well do this.”

Image: Giphy

Beng Who Cooks

Image: Facebook (Beng Who Cooks)

Before the 7 Apr measures, Beng Who Cooks can bring in 40 to 50 orders every lunchtime. After 7 Apr, he could barely hit 10 orders.

Although some of his neighbours at the hawker centre has temporarily shuttered their stalls, he will continue to come to work every day, all because of a promise he made to a blind elderly to provide him with free meals.

He and his partner started the “Beng Who Cares Foundation” on 6 Apr after a close friend offered to finance their initiative.

“Don’t worry guys, if you need help just come forward. Very easy one. Just message us and collect your food. We don’t need proof.”

They also ask that people don’t donate money to them. Instead, help to spread awareness of their initiative so more people can benefit from it.

Curry Rice Stall At Timbre+

Image: Facebook (榮妈 The curry rice stall)

For this particular curry rice stall at Timbre+, his request is very simple.

If you are hungry 😋 I don’t wanna hear your story’s. Just tell mine staffs “ spare a meal”. No worries, today your meal is free.

He asks for people in need not to feel embarrassed as everyone needs help at some point in time.

Free Bee Hoon, Nasi Lemak Or Yong Tau Foo At Blk 496 Coffee Shop

If you happen to be living in the Jurong area and you’re in need (or you know someone in need), the Yong Tau Foo / Nasi Lemak / Economic Bee Hoon stall at Blk 496 coffee shop is offering free breakfast for the needy.

Image: Facebook (Joyce Yu)

Until 4 May, this humble stall will be providing a “balanced breakfast” to those who need it.

Our humble hawker stall has committed to supply free breakfast to the vulnerables in Jurong district during the circuit breaker month (till 4th May). Menu will range from Bee Hoon to Nasi Lemak to Yong Tau Foo, so they will never get bored with diff variety each day. We ensure it is a well-balanced breakfast.

Tanjong Pagar Plaza’s House of Chicken Rice

Image: Facebook (Khoo Leng How)

The owner Khoo Leng How used to rake in $1,000 per day before Covid-19. Now, he takes home around $200.

Usually, he sells his chicken rice at $4.50 per packet but now, since he’s losing money anyway, he decided to sell it at $0.90, way below cost price.

“I thought, selling my chicken rice at S$0.90 to more people can’t hurt my earnings further anyway – I’m already losing money, might as well do some good.”

Anyone above the age of 55 years old is entitled to one free packet of chicken rice.


He also revealed that his landlord has waived rental for three months, which has helped him a lot.

Similar to Beng Who Cooks, Mr Khoo doesn’t want any monetary donations. Instead, all he’s asking for is that when the Covid-19 outbreak ends, “people will come back to eat my chicken rice”.

Isn’t it amazing to see Singaporeans coming together from all walks of life to do what they can for others?

#SGUnited, indeed.