HDB Corridor That Looks Like a Jungle in Pasir Ris Complained for Fire Hazard

When you think of jungles in Singapore, you would probably be thinking of the Mandai area, Bukit Timah reserve, army, or maybe some kind of semi-artificial ones like Gardens by the Bay and Jewel.

And of all the places, you certainly wouldn’t be thinking of… right where you’re living now. Like, your neighbour’s doorstep.

Image: zukus.net

I imagine, for the people living in Block 101 Pasir Ris Street 12, it would be pretty easy to play pretend Jumanji.

That looks pretty intimidating already from afar, and when actually walking through it…

Image: sqfeed.com

The jungle consists of more than 80 potted plants and is about 6m long, owned by a woman in her 50s living alone. It’s so thick, you can barely tell there is supposed to be a door somewhere in this photo.

The jungle existed since 11 years ago

This went on the news on STOMP on 24 May, then again on 27 May, but it has been a long issue in this HDB. In fact, it’s been there since 11 years ago, according to the Stomper who posted the photos.

The Stomper also brought up the point that these plants are a fire hazard and also obstruct the walkway.

Another possible hazard that this poses is the breeding of mosquitos.

A neighbour staying on the floor directly below the jungle commented about needing to trim creepers reaching down to his windows, and that the red ants attracted to the plants sometimes go into his house.

Image: Stomp

In response, Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council said they are actually aware of this, and had told the woman to not place too many plants and items there time and time again.

After warnings, she will remove some of them but will revert them back to the original location after some time has passed. Some part of the common areas are clearly obstructed, but it has gotten slightly better compared to the past.

So really, even if this is brought up to the news, it’s unlikely that much can be done about the issue.

Especially since…

Some are ok with it

In my eyes, it’s ok for people to have their own hobbies and do whatever they want, as long as they aren’t negatively affecting other people in the process. It doesn’t matter if your hobby is something like competitive clothes ironing as long as you’re not creating a nuisance in the process.

And it would appear that some neighbours are the same, being totally cool with the jungle.

A certain Mr HQ said that the woman maintains the plants daily, and the plants don’t grow into his area. Another neighbour commented that the plants would only obstruct those who use the staircase regularly, like the immediate neighbour.

Some Facebook commenters also actually liked the jungle, as long as it isn’t creating problems.

Singapore, a green city?

It would probably be quite ironic if a country claiming to be a garden city wants to prevent a woman from building a garden.

Okay, the woman was probably a little bit excessive and seemed to have affected a small number of neighbours.

Let’s just say that this is a small issue, and it would be good, perhaps even perfect if the jungle’s owner just cut back a slight bit yeah?

The plants themselves are honestly very well maintained, and if she could find an alternative gardening spot that would probably solve all problems here.


Small suggestion: assigned gardener for the estate?

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