HDB Launches New IG-Worthy BTO in Punggol That’s Animal-Themed

We all know that Singapore has come a long way to reach where it is right now.

What used to be a tiny fishing village is now a thriving, modern city-state, and traces of Singapore’s history are slowly disappearing as it continues to develop over the years.

“No! Not anymore!” said HDB.

Two New BTOs in Punggol 

The Housing Development Board (HDB)’s latest project aims to preserve Singapore’s rich history and allow Singaporeans to appreciate their roots.

Two new Build-To-Order (BTO) projects which contain a total of 2,724 flats will be launched in the waterfront district of Punggol Point this month. They are both expected to be completed by 2024.

But they’re not like any other regular HDB precinct.

Both of them contain heritage elements in their designs, and they will pay tribute to the old Ponggol Zoo, as well as Punggol’s history as a fishing village.

According to Channel News Asia (CNA), HDB said that the BTOs are tailored to capitalise on Punggol’s distinct character, history and local flavour.

“These projects will fuse heritage elements in their designs which allow residents to appreciate their town’s roots,” HDB said.

Punggol Point Crown

One of the BTOs, Punggol Point Crown, is inspired by the old Ponggol Zoo and will be divided into five thematic zones.

Image: HDB

The Ponggol Zoo was very popular during pre-war Singapore, among both locals as well as tourists. It contained about 200 animals and 2,000 birds, including exotic animals from South Africa, America and Australia.

The zoo was owned by William Lawrence Soma Basapa, who bought 27 hectares of land back in 1928 to set up the very first full-size public zoo and bird park in Singapore.

It had an entrance fee of only 40 cents. Can you imagine? We can’t even get anything for 40 cents nowadays. 

Basapa and his Bengal tiger, Apay
Image: singaporebasapa.com

However, although the Ponggol Zoo was a huge hit, it didn’t last for very long.

British forces occupied the site of the zoo at the beginning of World War II, and Basapa was forced to re-locate all his animals within 24 hours. And that was the end of it.

But, the zoo is now being brought back.

The designs on the signs, community spaces and outdoor furniture in Punggol Point Crown hope to reflect the animal and bird species that once lived in the old Ponggol Zoo.

There’s even going to be a special heritage walk inspired by the zoo that weaves through the precinct.

Image: HDB

Honestly, I’d love to live here.

Punggol Point Cove

Punggol Point Cove’s second phase, on the other hand, consists of 1,179 units in residential blocks that are built in a wave-like structure. This unique design of this precinct is inspired by Punggol’s past as a fishing village.

Image: HDB

HDB hopes to incorporate a “kampong life” concept in this new development.

“Similar to kampongs of the past, each block has its own courtyards. The kampong life concept is also brought to the higher floors, with a series of sky bridges at the 10th storey linking blocks together and providing more avenues for community interaction,” said HDB.


Fishing nets and waves are some of the design elements used in this precinct.

The landscaped areas of Punggol Point Cove will be split into three distinct zones – Beach, Contemporary and Forest.

Image: HDB

Wow. Simply just looking at these amazing designs is already tempting me to move houses.

I can already predict that these new BTOs are going to be a huge hit.


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