Healthcare Worker Relates How He Has to Resist Hugging His Daughter After Finishing His Work

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Imagine this: After a long day at work, you come home and see your cute daughter playing with crayons on the floor.

So you put down your bag and bring her into your arms, hugging her as you feel the stress and worries of your day melt away.


This is what Facebook user, Burhan Ddin, would love to do.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t, no matter how cute his daughter is.

Healthcare Worker Shares What Its Like To Come Home

Every day, after his shift, he will text his wife when he reaches the carpark below his home.

His wife will prepare his clothes, bath towel, disinfectant spray and a mop filled with disinfectant solution.

She will switch off the fan and aircon within the living room temporarily and close all the doors.

Then, she’ll stay in the room with their daughter.

The moment he’s home, he’ll put down his bag and go straight to the shower room.

He’ll wash his clothes immediately and take a thorough shower.

But His Work Doesn’t End There

The virus, according to him, will start dropping off clothes onto the ground the moment you reach home.

So he’ll mop up the floor, wipe down the dining table and door handles while his wife and daughter wait in the room.

His wife will be constantly looking at the CCTV within their home and only exit the room after he is done with his cleaning.

Sometimes, His Daughter Will Call Out For Him

Sometimes, his daughter is awake when he reaches home and will call out for him.

He desperately wanted to just drop everything and go into the room to hug her but he couldn’t.


Not when doing so could endanger his family.

It’s only after he has disinfected the entire area thoroughly would he enter his daughter’s room and spend time with her until she falls asleep.

Never Allow The Virus To Take Over Your Family

He has some wise words for other people to hear:

“Let’s do something different to protect your beloved family.

“Never allow the virus to take control of (sic) your family.

And while the virus can’t be seen with your naked eyes, you can definitely see the number of lives that were taken away by Covid-19, and the thousands of people who are still affected by it.

He, more than anyone, knows that it’s not easy but if we are all considerate, united and diligent, it can be done.

In short: Stay home and avoid all crowded places.


You can read his full Facebook post below:

The only thing we can say is this: Burhan Ddin, you’re a cool dad.

Image: Giphy

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