Heartbreaking Story Of a 72-Year-Old Woman Inside Minnie Mouse Costume Shows Fortunate We Are


Last Updated on 2020-01-06 , 8:45 pm

The costume might be smiling but the woman inside the suit is definitely not.

Under the hot sun in Jinan, she takes photos with tourists for one to five yuan (~0.20 to 1 dollar) per photo.

Image: scmp.com

And if you think it’s a fit, young bufflord inside the costume, you’re wrong.

She’s 72 years old and had to do work that’s ‘harder than working in the fields’ to earn money for her family’s medical bills, according to a report in South China Morning Post back in 2017.

Image: scmp.com

The costume is heavy and the head of the suit traps heat, making her take regular breaks to keep on working. Every time a child comes along, she has to bend down to chat with them, then pose on command.

It’s so hot, she has to take regular breaks and the image above is truly heart-breaking.

Image: scmp.com

Ying Peizhi, a farmer from nearby Dezhou had to come out and work because her husband has a heart condition which requires him to take medication regularly.

As a result of his heart disease, he was not able to work as well.

The main revenue for her household came from her son and her daughter-in-law who works in the field and did odd jobs to make ends meet.

Tragedy struck in 2016 and her daughter-in-law was allegedly hit by a car, and that was when Ying decided to put on Minnie Mouse and come out to work.


She said she borrowed it from a show business company and hoped that what little extra she could earn will be enough to save her family, which she said is near to financial collapse.

Now, for people who’re still complaining about that $6 per hour job being too…boring, do reread this and you’d realise how fortunate you really are.