Heartbroken Teen Broke Into Ex-GF’s House Multiple Times, Threatened To Kill Her

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Love can make you do crazy things.

It can make you move across the world to be with your loved one, get a tattoo of their name on your butt, or look through their phone messages without permission.

It can also make you break into your partner’s house and steal her stuff before threatening to kill her.

Crazy Stupid Love

That’s exactly what one Singapore teenager did.

On 27 Jan last year, while he was in Vietnam, polytechnic student Koh Wei Long threatened to return to Singapore to kill his former girlfriend because she refused to talk about their relationship.

A few weeks before, the 19-year-old broke into the girl’s condominium and stolen a hoodie and a KrisFlyer card.

I suppose nothing heals a broken heart faster than some free KrisFlyer miles.

Koh broke into the girl’s home again on 31 Jan and managed to slip past security, but was asked to leave by the girl’s father.


Of course you’ve got to wonder: condo so easy to break in one meh?


For his actions, Koh was given 21 months of supervised probation and ordered to perform 150 hours of community service last Thursday (15 Aug).

He was also previously convicted of one charge each of housebreaking to commit theft, voluntarily causing hurt and abetting unlawful remote gambling.

Another three charges, for harassment, unlawful remote gambling and wilful trespass were taken into consideration.

This guy wasn’t the most upstanding citizen, to say the least.

More Illegal Stuff

The 19-year-old was also found guilty of helping a 16-year-old boy illegally obtain an account on a betting website.

Moreover, he admitted to hitting and bruising his ex-girlfriend’s left hand during an argument in 2017.

Things To Do When You’re Heartbroken

Rejection is difficult to accept, but you certainly can’t force someone to be with you. If someone breaks up with you, do the honourable thing of crying like a baby for weeks while watching depressing romance movies.

You’ll eventually get over it and find someone else.

Or you know, you won’t and you’ll end up living alone with 27 cats. But that’s definitely more respectable than breaking into someone’s house and threatening to kill them.

After all, cats are cute.

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