Heavy Metal CNY Song Sung By Ah Ma & Drummed By Ah Gong is Better Than Any CNY Song Out There

Image: TheGRIMFILM Youtube

Every Chinese New Year, we are subjected to the same ol’, same ol’:

  • Red packets filled with choco coins
  • Plump pineapple tarts that work like fat-gaining pills
  • Relatives and their barrage of ‘examination’ questions

And yet, even with the all-too-overwhelming familiarity of it all, one single aspect of CNY still reigns supreme on the ‘I’m-way-too-used-to-it’ scale:

CNY songs.

Take, for example, that ‘dong-dong-dong-qiang’ song they blast in street shops, a rendition so ancient I’m pretty sure it originated in 10,000 BC. And don’t even get me started on that ‘Gong-Xi-Fa-Cai’ number, because it was probably the swan song for Adam and Eve’s ‘happy ending’.

Though honestly speaking, that really gets me thinking. What, for instance, could actually reinvigorate our excitement for the festive season? What could get us all pumped up, and yet choked full of emotions at the same time as the lunar new year dawns upon us? What could-

GRIM FILM: Hold my beer.

The CNY song you didn’t ask for but were secretly hoping for

This Lunar New Year, Malaysian Youtube channel TheGRIMFILM has done the impossible. Somehow, one way or another, they’ve crafted a CNY song of such impressive proportions that we’re at the same time…

  • Blank-faced
  • Awestruck
  • Emotional

Wondering about the song in question? Well, it’s none other than a heavy metal Chinese New Year song that’s sung by none other than a livid grandma, and drummed by an annoyed grandpa.

Image: TheGRIMFILM Youtube
Image: TheGRIMFILM Youtube

But before you view the ‘mind-blowing’ music video for yourself, here’s a rough synopsis. Not because I care for you guys and want y’all to understand the premise, but because I have a word count to fulfil. And so without further ado, here goes:

  • Four teenage kids sit huddled around a table, discussing about Chinese New Year. Of the four, two were vocal about their abhorrence of the customary visiting tradition, lambasting the long hours of travel time and the poor quality of food
  • The Grandma of the household then walks in with a sully expression, slamming a bowl of food down on the table. As the kids go quiet, the wheelchair-bound grandpa is seen wheeled away as the scene fades to black
  • Cue dramatic drum beats, followed by a sick shot of the aforementioned grandpa whacking away at the drum, before the scene shifts to a full-frontal shot of our lovely grandma singing hardcore metal to the camera
  • The Grandma sings about traditions in the same hardcore tone, before she ropes in her kakis for a live band session. The Grandpa still looks dope af
  • Slowly but surely, the tone changes and the song takes a more heartwarming turn. Some lyrics really hit you in the feels as well, though the background does indicate the contrary
Image: TheGRIMFILM Youtube
Image: TheGRIMFILM Youtube
  • Slowly, the film displays a twist in the story, and the ending suggests an ending that’s all too emotional for my heartbuds.
  • Brb, eating Pineapple tarts to soothe my heartstrings

It went viral (which is pretty much why I’m writing this article)

Suffice it to say, the video went pretty viral, and really we can’t fault it on that. With a rock twist to the traditional ‘gong-xi-gong-xi’ beat and a heartwarming edge to boot, it’s no wonder the soundtrack garnered over 1K shares on TheGRIMFILM’s Facebook platform.

We’ve often waited for tomorrow for a meal with our family. But what if tomorrow never comes? Watch this and you'll understand:

Image: TheGRIMFILM Facebook Page

And over in the comments section, reviews were pretty lit too!

Image: GRIMFILM Facebook Page
Image: GRIMFILM Facebook Page

Though some did slam the content creator for a ‘lack of creativity’.

Image: GRIMFILM Facebook Page

Because apparently, the video idea’s actually modelled after a Japanese advertisement.

Image: GRIMFILM Facebook Page

You can see the similarities for yourself down below:

TheGRIMFILM, however, has clarified that they weren’t aware of the advertisement in the first place, and Netizens have expressed that any similarities seem entirely coincidental. As this Netizen stated…

Image: GRIMFILM Facebook Page

But anyways, what’re your thoughts on the topic? Did the video’s message come out strongly? Was it a plagiarisation of another original source? Did you weep upon seeing the video?

Virtual cookie for the answer with the least effort! 😉