NEA Warns of Similar Heavy Rain This Weekend (9 Jan to 10 Jan) That Hit S’pore in Beginning of 2021

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Remember how 2021 started?

Roads were flooded, trees fell and it was so cold that you wondered if you were still dreaming of the vacation that you sorely needed.

After two days of continuous rain, we were finally greeted with the sun on the third day.

For some, it was a respite from the hot weather, while for others, it caused inconvenience.

Whichever camp you are, be prepared because the continuous rain is coming back.

NEA Warns of Similar Heavy Rain This Weekend (9 Jan to 10 Jan) That Hit S’pore in Beginning of 2021

According to the weather forecast, the first two weeks of 2021 are going to be rainy, but it’d be particularly rainy in the next two days.

NEA has just made a rare announcement, warning us of heavy rain in the next two days due to a monsoon surge.

Lest you can’t read:

TGIF! Making your plans for the weekend? Don’t forget to bring your brolly along.

A developing northeast monsoon surge in the region is bringing periods of showers to Singapore today. As the monsoon surge strengthens, widespread rain, heavy at times, is forecast later tonight. The rain is expected to be persistent and last over this weekend. This will bring cool and windy conditions, with daily minimum temperatures dipping to 21-22°C in some places.

This is the second monsoon surge to affect the island this month, after two days of continuous rain from a monsoon surge last week.

For #SGWeather updates and forecast, please visit the NEA website (, MSS website (, or download the myENV app and/or MSS’ [email protected] app.

Basically, a mini-winter is coming to Singapore this weekend.

A monsoon, simply put, is a large gush of wind, so this means a wind is “blowing” rain towards Singapore.

What Happened on the First Two Days of 2021

Here’s a recap of how the heavy and never-ending rain affected us last week: mini-landslides occurred, high rainfall were recorded, trees fell and floods were everywhere.


So bring your umbrella this weekend, and keep your shoes at home. You won’t like walking in a flood with covered shoes.

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