Hello Kitty Hospital in Taiwan Proved That People Are still Going Gaga Over the Mouthless Cat

Hello Kitty has been around for a long time and there is no doubt that this mouthless kitty cat is adorable and lovable.

It’s one of the classic characters that is well-loved by a lot of fans and girls who are madly in love with pink colour as Hello Kitty is all cutesy and pink.

This timeless Japanese cat has managed to capture the hearts of many despite the horrendous news of murders and creepy stories being associated with cats.

While fans have greatly supported the Hello Kitty themed places, ranging from cafés to theme parks and hotel rooms, there has been a particular place with the Hello Kitty theme that has driven attention from all over the world.

Yes, a Hello Kitty hospital.

And this hospital has proven that people are going crazy with a disease called Hello Kitty syndrome.

Here’s why.

It’s a maternity hospital

Located in Taiwan, the country with fancy-themed restaurants and hostels, this maternity hospital is actually set up by a Taiwanese director. And you won’t believe this: he’s a guy.

He obtained authorization from Sanrio Co Ltd. (and most probably licence as well) and created this Hello Kitty Maternity hospital for mothers to have a comfortable environment for stress-free deliveries.

So, how pinky is this?

Hello Kitty and pink overload


If you’ve seen the pictures, you’ll understand. Everything is Hello Kitty from the exterior to the interior of the building.

Think Hello Kitty wards, bed sheets, blankets and even sofas. Even the babies born are covered with Hello Kitty blankets.


Your child will probably become a kitty fan as well since his or her first image would be a Hello Kitty when he/she first opens their eyes.

Hello Kitty lobbies and statues


When you enter the building you’ll already be feeling “Kitty.” You will be greeted and welcomed by a doctor Hello Kitty, dressed in uniform with a stethoscope.

The hospital is also heavily decorated with pink and kitty posters, wallpapers and drawings.

There is literally no escaping the Kitties.

Even the hospital staff are decked in pink and kitty


Ranging from wheelchairs for the mothers to the doctors and nurses’ outfit, everything’s just HELLO KITTY. So if you’re a huge fan, good for you.

If you’re not, we have no idea why you would want to go there. You’ll simply drown in Hello Kitties.

The babies are wrapped in Hello Kitties

But not for the boys. They’ll be wrapped in blue blankets.

But rumour has it that even the birth certificates are in Hello Kitty. WHAT? We can imagine that staff working there has to be a fan of Hello Kitty as well, though I’m sure that’s just a rumour.

This hospital will either make or break you

This NT$100m hospital is the world’s only Sanrio certified medical institution. Who knows, there will be a second one set up in the world? This hospital will truly make or break you, depending if you’re a kitty fan or not.

So, if you’re delivering in Taiwan, will you go to this Hello Kitty Hospital? Or work there?

All images from tidbitsmag.com.