Domestic Helper Who Pushed 2YO Away Before Dying In Car Crash Has Her Own Child

Not all heroes wear capes is a phrase most of us have heard at least once in our lives.

That phrase could not be better exemplified than on the fateful morning of 5 November.

Helper Who Pushed 2YO Away Before Dying In Car Crash Has Her Own Child

News of how a 30-year-old woman saved a 2-year-old boy by pushing him away before he could be hit by a car gripped Singaporeans.

What made it even more heartbreaking was that the woman was not even the boy’s mother.

Instead, she was the family’s domestic helper.

Lest your name is Patrick Star and you’ve been hiding under a rock, here’s a breakdown of what happened:

  • The police were alerted to the accident involving a car and two pedestrians along Lentor Avenue towards Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6 at 10.54am on Tuesday.
  • A 44-year-old driver has been arrested for careless driving causing death.
  • The woman was pushing the 2-year-old in a stroller when she saw the car speeding towards her.
  • She was quick on her feet and managed to push the child out of harm’s way.
  • Unfortunately, she was hit by the car and was brought to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital where she succumbed to her injuries.
Image: Stomp

One eyewitness revealed that the car was dented and that the woman’s shoes could be seen some distance away from the black car involved in the accident.

The Lady Saviour: Ms Jaspreet Kaur, 29

So who exactly is this woman in question?

To be very honest, not all of us would’ve been able to do what she had done. Ms Jaspreet Kaur, 29, is the woman who was involved in the accident.

She must have loved and cared for this boy in order to sacrifice her own life at a moment’s notice.

So here’s a little more about her, thanks to The Straits Times who spoke to the family.

Ms Jaspreet Kaur, 29 was working in Singapore for about three months when the accident happened. She was from the state of Punjab in India and this was her first time working as a domestic helper.

It’s heartbreaking to know that she has left behind her own child, a seven-year-old child.

Ms Kaur’s employer, the mother of the 2-year-old boy that was saved, said, “She was good at her work and was very close to our son. He keeps looking for her in the house.”

The family also mentioned that they are currently making arrangements to send the body home to India.

We sincerely hope that the family will find peace.

The 2YO Boy Has Been Discharged & The 44YO Driver Has Been Arrested

After the accident, the 2-year-old boy was brought to the hospital but has since been discharged.

Police investigations are still ongoing and the 44-year-old driver has been arrested for careless driving, causing death.


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