The Odds of Winning $12 Million Hong Bao Toto Draw Based on Maths

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Do you know that maths can explain everything?

From science to languages, there is always a mathematical logic to everything. In fact, without maths, you won’t be reading this because even codes are considered maths (kind of).

And maths, too, can determine whether you can win this year’s Hong Bao Draw and be $12 million richer.

But before anything, here’s how to confirm-plus-chop win, and to show you the logic behind the maths.

Here’s how to SURE-WIN

You see, the odds of winning, if you select six digits between 1 and 49, is 1 in 14 million.

So that means if you buy ALL the 14 million combinations, you’ll surely win.

But here’s the problem: an ordinary bet costs $1. So you need to spend $14 million to win $12 million. And the prize money might be shared among a few people, so that means…

But you still win. Life’s all about winning, right? Just like how some businesses make losses every year yet still look like they’re winning #justsaying

The Odds of Winning $12 Million Hong Bao Toto Draw Based on Maths

I can’t resist doing some research on this, and here’re what the experts have said.

In a 2016 TNP article, a statistician from NUS, Prof Chua Tin Chiu, has this to say: “Essentially, the only way to ensure you win is to buy all possible 14 million combinations…If I knew a strategy that would really let me win, I would be a professional gambler and not a professor.”

Pretty sure he’s one prof that have a full house in all his lectures.

Odds of winning Toto vs Odds of Other Events

Think you can win Toto? Then you should also worry about dying tomorrow.

The odds of dying from a fall from a bed is 1 is to 2 million, which is seven times more likely than you striking Toto.

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And the odds of being injured while in the toilet is 1 out of 10,000, which is 1,400 times more likely than you striking Toto.

If you haven’t fallen into the toilet bowl before, what makes you think you can win the $12 million on 22 February 2019?

Even if you’ve being injured in the toilet before, you need to injure yourself 1,400 times to match the same chance of winning the grand prize.

It’s all fun

The takeaway from this is simple: buy just for fun and not for the sake of winning.

Just don’t go sign an agreement to buy a Lamborghini because you think you’re lucky this year, because you’re more likely to have your head struck in the toilet bowl than to strike Toto.

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