Here’re the Long Weekends in 2017. You’re Welcome


Planning for your next getaway? Not sure what’s a good time to finally take a deserving break from school or work? Read on to find out about the long weekends ahead in 2017 which have been summarised for you. Thank me later.

10 Long Weekends with 6 Days of Leave


With just six days of leave to take, you can get a total of 10 long weekends in return for the year ahead. The year 2017 has been blessed with three mid-week breaks, awesomely spaced apart: Vesak Day on 10 May, National Day on 9 Aug, and Deepavali on October 18. 

For your well-deserved holiday breaks, you can always take a two-day leave and make each of them become a five-day long weekend.

Otherwise, those Wednesdays alone can allow you to just take a short break and freshen up for the rest of the week.

7 Official Long Weekends


Now, the seven official long weekends are nicely spread across the year as well:

  1. New Year: 31 Dec 2016 (Sat) to 2 Jan 2017 (Mon)
  2. Chinese New Year: 28 Jan (Sat) to 30 Jan (Mon)
  3. Good Friday: 14 Apr (Fri) to 16 Apr (Sun)
  4. Labour Day: 29 Apr (Sat) to 1 May (Mon)
  5. Hari Raya Puasa: 24 June (Sat) to 26 June (Mon)
  6. Hari Raya Haji: 1 Sep (Fri) to 3 Sep (Sun)
  7. Christmas Day: 24 Dec (Sat) to 26 Dec (Mon)

And there you have it – all the long weekends you have in 2017. Now, go get ready your luggage, book your air tickets, and start planning for your short getaways! You’re welcome.

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