Here’s the 10 Signs of Fake People That You Might Not Know

We all have friends around us, and at one stage in life, you will start wondering who around you ar genuine and who’re just treating you as a ‘spare tyre’. So here are some signs a fake friend would normally show!

They would expect you to do more for them than they do for you
Ever got those out of the blue text from someone you haven’t talked to for days (or even months) asking you for a favour? When you agree to help them despite the being so last minute, they are oh-so-ever grateful to you – just for that moment. Once the favour has been done, they disappear for a long, long time. And if you could not cater to their last-minute request? They just blue tick you.

They will try to belittle your achievements
Do you realise that whenever you tell a certain friend about your achievements and the conversation would go something like this?
You: Hey! I got a promotion!
Friend: Oh, I got a just got a promotion last year and I’m expecting to get another one somewhere this year.
These kind of friends will keep on trying to find something in their life that is better than yours to show off that they are doing better than you.

They show respect to a certain group of people only
Have you ever come across a colleague or a friend whose attitude goes through a 360-degree change when they see their higher-ups or just basically anyone with power? Well, stay away from them as far as possible because they are also known as the bootlickers.

People who tell you that they never, ever get mad or upset
We are all humans, and humans have all sorts of emotions – including the more negative ones. These emotions are what makes us human. Hence, for someone who’s fake, they have zero emotion. Stay away from these emotionless zombies. Either they’ve been bitten by a zombie or they’re fake AF.

They try to please everyone
These people will try all means to get everyone around them to like them – for who they are actually not. They are also known as the people pleasers. Genuine people do not need to go to such extend as people would like them for who they are.

They are desperate for attention
See those people who has personal problems but do not try to solve them but start posting all over their social media about their problem instead? ‘Nuff said.

They make lots of promises
By promises, I meant empty promises. They rarely keep their words.

They hold grudges
These people have the mindset that no one makes mistake except for them. Hence, the moment you did something which affects them, they will not forgive you and hold a grudge against you. Probably till you please them in one way or another.

They love to gossip
Most of us will have the tendency to gossip at some point of the conversations we have. But these people would be able to make the entire conversation into a gossip session.

Your gut tells you so
All in all, when you have this strong gut feeling that this person is a fake, trust that feeling. Probably we could give that person a benefit of doubt that they are just being nice, but just be wary of the person once you get the vibe of a fake person from them!

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