Here’s a cool use for the used toilet roll that you’ve always been throwing away!


Last Updated on 2016-05-18 , 4:53 pm

With the onset of the trends of consumerism and materialism, things are piling up around our house even before we realise it. This is especially true for young people with lots of devices, like your laptop, mobile phone, camera and so on. Have you ever caught yourself grumbling about all the wires being tangled in a mess, or that you don’t even know which one is for a particular device? Or has your mother complained about the mountain of pens and markers on your study table during your exam period?

Don’t worry, there is a hack for everything – including your messy and disorganised table! For the times where you finish your toilet paper and are not sure what to do with all of them, use them in the ways as shown below!

You can group your wires and label them on the roll in large print – so that you will never have to test each and every USB cable to see if it fits your device! Also, find your favourite ball point pen right away when you group all your stationery into categories using the rolls!

Even though you might need to use up quite a few rolls before you can do this, it’s a pretty nifty trick to get your life in order. So don’t forget to constantly replace the roll in your toilet – or you might end up with something more than a table full of disorganised shit.