Here’s What Free Wi-Fi, Orchard Road and OCBC Have in Common

Raise a hand if you’re guilty of bursting your data every month without fail. Having a data of only 2GB, I’m proud to say my hands are not raised.

Many people recoil in horror every single time I mention I only have 2 GB per month. To them, it’s simply preposterous. But honestly, it’s not that difficult and I’ve actually become quite a pro at knowing where the good wifi spots are.

So guys, it’s time to stop paying extra $10 or even $20 every month and start using wifi instead. And did I mention that it’s free wifi, with no strings attached? Let’s just say that OCBC might just become your favourite bank.

OCBC Free Wifi Access


From Wednesday, 20th July, OCBC is offering multiple free wifi access to popular places around Singapore such as Orchard and The Sports Hub.

You are also able to head to places such as Far East Plaza or The Heeren, where you’ll be able to get free wifi that extends up to a 100-metre radius.

The public can also connect to wifi if they’re within the vicinity of any OCBC Centre, including the 33 OCBC bank branches in popular places such as ION Orchard and AMK Hub.

Double the number of wireless hotspots to 20,000 by 2018

The reason behind this initiative is due to an announcement made by the Government last April, where they said that they would double the number of wireless hotspots to 20,000 by the end of 2018.

Mr Dennis Tan, Head of Consumer Financial Services Singapore at OCBC Bank, said: “Being at the forefront of the digital play in Singapore for the past few years, it is natural for OCBC to do our part to support the government’s push for wireless Singapore by providing this service through more than 700 OCBC Free Wi-Fi Zones across town.

No sign up, no bank account needed

“By availing this free Wi-Fi service to the public, whether you are an OCBC customer or not, we hope to entrench OCBC’s leading digital position in everyone’s minds,” he added. Looks like we’ll be hanging out around OCBC banks a lot more often, or at least I know I will.

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