Here’s how much you can save if you cook at home instead of dining out. You’ll be shocked!


Last Updated on 2016-05-18 , 4:53 pm

It is a common phenomenon for most of us to dine out due to Singapore’s fast-paced lifestyle. However, with Singapore’s rising cost, it is increasingly difficult to maintain the culture of eating out. No doubt eating out may save you a lot of hassle and time, but little did we know about the amount of money that we’re able to save if we choose to cook instead. You’ll be shocked when you really go into the nitty-gritty details.

Something that all Singaporean Chinese should be familiar with. A traditional Chinese dish that is popular amongst many Singaporeans, it is typically sold at a price of $2 for 5. However, do you know that NTUC sells tang yuan in a packet of 12 and it only costs $1.25?

Mixed rice
One of the most economically friendly food that is available in Singapore. It ranges from $3-$5, depending on the dishes that you choose. However, do you know that $3 is probably enough for you to buy 3 packets of vegetables that is enough to last for a week?

Something that Singaporeans cannot live without. Teh O, Kopi O has became a staple in most people’s lives. However, do you know that 5 cups of Teh is enough for you to buy a packet of Nescafe coffee, which has approximately 20 sachets inside?

Ban Mian
A bowl of Ban Mian is typically priced at $4-$5. Rarely do you come across a $3 meal. However, do you know that $5 is enough for you to buy a whole fish that is found inside the bowl of noodles? Yepz, you’ll be able to eat 1 whole week worth of ban mian if you choose to buy the fish instead.

Nasi Lemak
Another popular dish amongst many Singaporeans. It costs minimally $3 and it usually comes with an egg and fried chicken wings. However, do you know that you can buy a packet of wings for only about $6 and a carton of eggs for about $4?