Fake Rich vs Real Rich: How to Tell if Someone is Rich

Asking the question “how to tell if someone is rich” is kind of like asking yourself “Is that a real Prada or a fake one?”

You can never know if someone is pretending to be rich unless you inspect it closely. The same goes for people who seem wealthy, but turns out to be your average Singaporean. It’s kind of hard to judge what is real and what is not, because fakes are pretty good at looking authentic.

A diamond ring looks like any other diamond ring, but is it a fake?

Well, next time you want to know if someone is really wealthy or not, look out for all these:

He Boasts a Lot. Too Much, In Fact

Seriously. The rich tends to be more humble and hardly boast of their wealth. In fact, most of them would refuse to admit that they’re rich, and carry a pasar malam bag everywhere.

Those phony rich ones usually chatter away about their bags collection or their cars, or anything really. So next time someone boasts about his wealth, you might want to take it with a pinch of salt.

He Pays for Goods in Instalments

That’s one sign. If someone is really rich, he won’t think about paying by instalments because he can afford it there and then without having to worry about his finances. Is your friend always paying for goods by installments? Chances are he’s always broke by the end of the month. Or the beginning. Either one.

But of course, some rich people like to pay for everything in instalments for one key reason: with the money on hand, he can grow it faster than an average person.

He’s a No Action, Talk only (NATO) Person

Does someone always talk about a brand new car or a huge house that you’ve never seen before except in pictures or on Facebook / Instagram? He might be lying to you about his wealth status. We love taking pictures in front of huge mansions and beside sports car too.

He Always Make Excuses to So That He Won’t Need to Pay

Asked out to dinner but ended up having to pay because he “forgot his wallet”? He probably does have his wallet, he just doesn’t have the money. Oh, and his so-called credit card with no limit is always in his car, which for some reason, is always parked far from the restaurant.

Not to mention that you’ll only see the “car” in his Facebook or Instagram, never in real life.

He Spends a Lot

Yes, spending a lot does not mean you are rich. A true rich man will usually save on his spending to accumulate his wealth because it’s more worth it in the long run. If someone is always spending hundreds of dollars each time you go out, you might want to ask if the dude is really rich or just trying to impress you.

He Lacks Manners

Wealthy people are also richer in manners. No, it doesn’t mean they’re not douche bags, they’re probably trained to have the right social and dining etiquette. They sit properly, eat with the right utensils etc. Someone who fakes his wealth probably acts the same way you do in the hawker centre even if you dine somewhere expensive.

He Doesn’t Know How to Pronounce Foie Gras

Or any other high-end stuff like brands of bags and clothes etc. Not knowing how to pronounce those names show that he isn’t familiar with those things and it highly unlikely to be really wealthy.

He’s Constantly Changing Cars

One week it’s a Volkswagen then the next it’s a Mercedes then the next it’s a Jaguar. And you never see the same car ever again. Chances are he’s renting a different car every week instead of owning all of them. Or he’s just that rich.

He’s Always Bragging When You Ask “Are you rich?”

Because truly wealthy people will just smile and nod or refuse to answer. Fake wealthy people will say “Of course I’m rich lah, did you not see my Hermes bag? If that’s not rich then what is?”

Next time you might want to take a closer look at that Prada bag.

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