Here’s How to Service Your Own Air-Con If You Want to Save Some Money

Money is everything these days –it’s as if the cost of living is skyrocketing, and your measly salary is taking its own sweet time to catch up to it.

You’ve got another scenario to deal with this month. It’s time to get your aircon serviced. If you don’t, it’s not going to work to its full capacity, and your electricity bill’s gonna cost you more.

So what can you do? Service it yourself!

Here’s what you need to know:

The Air Filter

Now, this is the primary component in your AC unit. The air filter works to stop bacteria, dust and other harmful things from coming into the air you breathe. If you don’t clean it properly, there will be an onset of bacteria and fungi that can make you ill. Clean the filter at least every 2 weeks.

In order to clean it, you’ll have to open the casing and remove the filter. Wipe it with a cloth and then clean it thoroughly with a mixture of soap (the non-abrasive kind) and water. It MUST BE completely dry before you put it back ah.

Moving on to the Ducts

As time goes by, dust and debris will collect at the air ducts. Check the ducts from time to time, and if it’s getting dirty, vacuum it clean.

Look at the Condensing Unit Now

This is the part which sucks air inside the aircon. If there’s anything blocking it, clear it up.

There’s a Drain Too

You think finish already ah? Not yet!

The AC’s drainage system needs to be vacuumed at least once a year to stop a backup from happening. No, not the good kinda backup. The kind where mould grows inside the aircon and then there’s water damage on the walls and ceilings.

The best way to clean it is to cap the end of the drain that’s on the inside and suck the other end on the outside with a dry vacuum.

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You’ll get all the debris and dirt out this way. Don’t forget to take the capping off when you’re done!

Washy, Washy Condenser Fan

Well, not really wash. Using a brush to take the debris and dust off of it will more than do.

Take a Look at the Freon Levels

Freon what? This is the coolant liquid. Check it for leaks and other irregularities to ensure that it’s working beautifully.

Add Some Lubricant on the Motor

Take off the setscrew that holds the aircon fan in place (you’ll need to take the cover off first ya).

Then, take the fan off and you’ll gain access to the AC oil ports. Use a lubricant that’s recommended by the manufacturer.

Routine Check Ins

Look at the other parts too. Things like fuses, breakers and thermostat. You basically wanna ensure that all the connections are secure.

There you go! Sounds like a HUGE job, but it is, in fact, a number of mini-jobs put together.

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